Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 26th Evening - Not a Good Day, Unfortunately

11:35 PM: The military censor has removed the blackout on the news that another Israeli soldier was killed in the second clash with Hezbollah today. That brings the total of IDF soldiers killed today to 9. An additional 3 soldiers were wounded (not 5 as previously reported).

8:50 PM: Katyusha rockets hit Tzfat. No reports of injuries.

8:35 PM: Number of casualties in the second clash today rises to 6.

8:27 PM: Censorship lifted: 8 Soldiers הי"ד were killed in the fighting this morning in Bint Jbeil. 3 more were seriously injured - 19 more injured lightly/moderately.

8:21 PM: 10 Katyushas in Maalot (no injuries), bringing up the number to 50 for the day in Maalot; over 100 throughout the North.

8:20 PM:
Update from Jameel - the information about the capture of the terrorist is not 100% - it is still being verified.

7:45 PM: The terror alert in the Sharon region has been downgraded - it seems the terrorist was captured.

6:45 PM: Another clash with Hezbollah in Lebanon, 4 Israeli casualties (same clash as reported by Litvishe at 6:35)

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Kasher said...

does it appear that there were no IDF deaths from the earlier battle or is the IDF still censoring the information?

General Yasser Arafat said...

The casualty information from this morning is still being censored.

daat y said...

We must totally destroy them or it will be perceived as our loss.

Litvshe said...

Thanks for taking over. I'll let you run the show. I'll be back up tomorrow morning. Jameel will most likely not be back online until Sunday/Monday. And the terrorist has been captured.


When the Fox report (Fox news)came on here in the states at 3:00 pm today, Shepard Smith said that the reason so many died today was that the scumbags hit a transporter with troops on it and many got out but some died and they were not able to get back to their carrier and they did fight it out with the scumbags. Sorry, but that's what I call them all.

wandering jew said...

Just watched CNN. Big mistake. They had a banner on the screen that said something to the effect of "Israel's attack on the UN, Accident or Atrocity?". This stayed on the screen for 15 minutes while their newsman spoke. I can't actually say I heard a word of what he said (probably for the best) because I was too busy staring at the words "Accident or Atrocity?". The UN, by not enforcing their own resolution in Lebanon for years has committed an atrocity. And CNN, with its one-sided reporting is perpetuating it. Kofi Anan should concentrate on the many faults of his own organization. He needs to deflect much deserved criticsm of the UN by figerpointing at Israel. This mishap plays right into his hands.
To my mind the UN shares some of the responsibility for all of the loss of life including those of our chayalim HY"D.

queeniesmom said...

Baruch dayan emet.

Thank you for the constant updates and the links to the real story.

May this week bring better news. May Hashem watch over and protect all Klal Yisroel.

Kol Tov.

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