Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28th, Middle of the Night

9:40 AM: The Israeli murdered yesterday evening is 59 yr. old Dr. Dani Yaacobi, from the town of Yakir in the Shomron. הי"ד

12:50 AM: Body of Israeli found in a car - bound and burned. It is possible that he was kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists, or killed and then the body was burned. הי"ד

The news isn't too new, but I just got in.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael



I am from America ! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. I read here everyday!
Thanks for keeping up the news of what is going on. Hezbollah must be stopped and destroyed. Send them packing.

The back of the hill said...

It is because of this that we maintain vigilence.

Even in the U.S.

That could've been an old friend, a classmate, a brother, an uncle, or a son.

And he was to many.

Anonymous said...

The USA will never turn its back on Israel ! You can bet on that.
God bless you all.

President Bush Meets with Bipartisan Members of Congress, Discusses Middle East After Attending G8 Summit
"You know, prior to my traveling to St. Petersburg, I thought the issue was going to be whether or not we could bring the world together to deal with North Korea and Iran ... but, instead, a lot of the discussion was on the Hezbollah attacks into Israel.

What was really interesting was that -- and I briefed this to the members -- that we were able to reach a very strong consensus that the world must confront the root causes of the current instability. And the root cause of that current instability is terrorism and terrorist attacks on a democratic country. And part of those terrorist attacks are inspired by nation states, like Syria and Iran. And in order to be able to deal with this crisis, the world must deal with Hezbollah, with Syria and to continue to work to isolate Iran.

I strongly believe every nation ought to be able to defend herself from terrorist attacks. We're also mindful -- and I talked to the members about -- the need to make sure the government of Lebanon does not collapse. It's in our interest that Lebanon be free and the Siniora government succeed.

We also talked about the evacuation of U.S. citizens in Lebanon. And Condi briefed the members about the joint plan with the Defense Department to make sure there's enough transportation to expeditiously provide transportation for those who want to leave. And we're in the process of doing that.

All in all, it was a very positive visit there at the G8. We dealt with significant problems. Sometimes it requires tragic situations to help bring clarity in the international community. And it is now clear for all to see that there are terrorist elements who want to destroy our democratic friends and allies, and the world must work to prevent them from doing so."

President George W. Bush
July 18, 2006

Below was the state of the union address after 9-11.

wandering jew said...

I am not a Rabbi and not a very pious person, just a modern orthodox guy who grew up in Queens and was fortunate to have a Yeshiva education and does his best to practice what I learned, so take this from whom it comes. The USA is a great country and I feel priveleged and proud to be one of its citizens. We Jewish Americans owe it a great debt of Hakarat Hatov. It is a strong supporter of Israel and I believe always will be because the 2 nations share many of the same values, of democracy, justice, valuing human life to name a few. However, I remember a Haftara where the Nation of Israel is criticized by the Navi for relying on alliances with other powerful countries at the expense of the realization that they need to rely first and foremost on Hashem. I believe Hashem has given a gift to the World, and a gift to Israel and the Jewish People in allowing such a powerful nation and Superpower as the USA to be such a just and supportive ally to Israel, and to be a place of freedom and religious tolerance where Jews and other can safely and freely practice their beliefs. But we Jews must alway remember that it is Hashem on whom we rely -not even the USA can ever be considered a substitute for our reliance on Hashem. May the USA always remain an ally, supporter and great friend of Israel, and may Hashem protect us all and help us all to vanquish the enemy.

Anonymous said...

its 7:44 there. time to rise and shine and let us know what is going on today! :O)
Hope it will be a quiet and safe day for all. AWAITING NEWS FROM THERE.

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