Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fleeing Gaza - Crime Pays.

Remember the slogan - crime doesn't pay? Not in Israel. Terrorists lob over 6000 mortar shells at Jewish civilians, and what happens? Sharon wants to evict the Jews and give the land to...the terrorists.

Good Movie to watch with English subtitles (unless your Arabic is better than mine)


And here's a flash movie about the soldier last week that couldn't participate in evicting Jews from their homes.



joe said...

To be fair, after WW2, Israel evicted people less than legitamitly to end the Jewish diaspora. Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of an armed struggle to regain lost land, what alternative tactic would you prefer the Palestinians take? They're condemned when they use violence against civilians(and rightly so) and when diplomacy is used detractors on both sides can't let go of the past. Is it impossible for you to sympathise with the plight of the ordinary Palistinian person? They live in squalor compared to your lifestyle(and admittedly my own) and look enviously accross to land that they once owned. Resentment and violence were an inevitable consecuence but the past cannot be changed and everyone has to learn to forgive and forget otherwise the status quo will remain and no-one on either side will surely want that.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Alternative Tactics? Well, lets see - they were offered quite alot in the Oslo accords, were given autonomy, passage between Gaza and the West Bank, and what happened?

1. The "PA" quickly becomes one of the most corrupt regimes of all time, with the leadership squandering money left and right (hence, Arafat's $20 billion personal slush fund). No trickle down economy.

2. Even with a roadmap for a brighter future, nothing quenches the thirst for Jewish blood. Buses explode everywhere. Over 85% of the Palestinian population is in favor of homicide bombings. Why? The money received from the US for Palestinian "education" goes for textbooks which call for martyrdom against Jewish targets. With education like that, its no surprise.

3. Forgive and forget? What does that have to do with the Gaza expulsion plan?

4. What do you know about my lifestyle? Been to downtown Ramalla lately? The lifestyle there easily surpases mine.

5. Status Quo? Things were much better for your AVERAGE Palestinian before the Oslo accords. Much less violence, and a higher standard of living.

Lastly...and of course, to be totally fair, the Arabs did unilaterally massacre Jews all over British Mandate Palestine in 1929 and 1936. But we care about today right? You still see Arabs going after Jewish civilians...not the other way around.

2R said...

Have you spoken to the "ordinary" Arab landowner? The ones who would rather be under Israel rule then Islamic? The ones who fear their neighbors, and their sons becoming extremists? I didn't think so. I have.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

2r: Who were you addressing your question to?

Olah Chadasha said...

Jameel, not going to comment, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate our discussions and debates, and that you don't stop anybody from having a point of view.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OC: I'm not really into censorship, since the Israeli media pretty much takes care of that.

The only reason I have to hide out in the Muqata, behind the name Jameel, is because Israel is not ready for freedom of the press. Friends and neighbors routinely get harrased by our boys in blue for their political writings...and actions. Arutz Sheva gets closed down...while the Voice of Peace radio broadcatsed for years.

I believe that open and honest debate is the only way to ever reach a higher sphere of togetherness in Israel.

Of course, there is no open and honest debate about the Disengagement. Head of the shabak was fired, Head of the IDF was fired. You open your mouth against Sharon & co. and the police come looking for you. You wear orange to the Knesset as an Indian Diplomat, and get abused by the Knesset Guards.

BTW - I'm sure you know what happens to anyone Jewish who G-d forbid tries to daven on Har Habayit..or even say a one line prayer...

Israel has a long way to go to to get rid of all the residual evils from MaPaM and MaPAI.

Anyway - gotta run. Catch you later.

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