Monday, July 02, 2012

Did Germany Go Too Far? Tell Them

Last week, a German court felt brazen enough to declare that Bris Milah, religious circumcision is against German law.

Yesterday, the Jewish Hospital in Berlin (not really a Jewish hospital) suspended all religious circumcisions.

Since the Shoah, Germany had the [fill in the word] to suppress their anti-Semitism.

But now it seems that whatever it is that controlled it, has begun to wear off.

Some people claim that this is the action of one judge, and just one hospital just following orders.

But it's not.

Because besides a token German minister or two saying something, we should be seeing major public acts of contrition on the part of Germany in the face of this most blatant of anti-Semitic acts.

And we're not seeing it.

If this upsets you, as much as it upsets me, then sign this petition.

The Jewish Press will be sending it to the German Embassy in Israel, so they can hear from the Jewish People that we don't accept their anti-Semitism, and they have "no moral or ethical right to pass any laws or make any statements regarding Brit Milah (circumcision) or on any other Jewish practice."

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The back of the hill said...

It's just the beginning. The majorities in the Netherlands and Scandinavia are also vehemently opposed to circumcision, though evenly trivided between Jew haters, Muslim haters, and idiots with an unnatural affection for their own perceived perfection.

Fortunately we already fought against that triumvirate here in San Francisco. For the time being, the intactivists have been defeated.

Jelajah IPTEK said...

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Max Power said...

I won't sign the petition because I don't believe that the Jews should be in Germany, let it finally get uncomfortable enough for them to leave once and for all.

Jesse Levy said...

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Rob said...

Hey Max Power you could have said the same dumb thing in 1936 and boy did it get uncomfortable. Very diff. situation now as German Jews could move to Israel but let's not pretend as if that is necessarily so easy for all to do.

Anonymous said...

minutodigital reports today that the Austrian government is now stopping circumsicions, too, in some province.

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