Sunday, September 29, 2013

Praying for Moshiach

(A JoeSettler Post)

I just saw this on Facebook, and it deserves a proper response.

There was a massive flood in a town, but one holy man managed to survive by getting up onto the roof of his house.

As he sat there watching the waters rise higher and higher, he prayed and prayed (3 times a day, in fact) to God to save him from drowning.

A boat came by, but he turned the rescue crew down, telling them he's waiting for God to save him.

Then a helicopter flew by, but he turned down that rescue crew too, saying that he's waiting for God to save him.

Shortly afterwords the holy man drowned.

The man reached heaven and in righteous anger asked God, "Why didn't You save me?"

God sighed and responded to the holy man, "I sent you a boat and a helicopter! I even sent a free El Al flight to Israel for you, your family and your entire congregation, with an absorption basket to help settle you in! What the heck were you thinking when you were you praying for Moshiach to have no more 3 day Yom Tovs?!"

(Dan l'kaf z'chut: Maybe the Facebook post was somehow referring to Rosh Hashana?)

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in the vanguard said...

Every time that Jew ate a meal and thereafter recited the blessings, he said, "שינחילני ליום שכולו טוב...". That is, he asked for an eternal Yom Tov! And here he was complaining of a 3-day sequence.

Anonymous said...

How judgemental can you be today?

Instead of being happy someone is fervently praying for moshiach, you chose to bash him for not moving to Israel? The majority of the Jews of Babylonia did not even move to Israel during Bayis Sheyni and you are upset at someone TODAY for not moving to Israel?

Jameel, I can't belive how judgemental you have become over the years.

Live and let live.

And may moshiach come tomorrow.

IsraelP said...

How will mashiah dispose of the three day Rosh Hashanah?

mmatitya said...

He seems to be operating on the assumption that the Moshiah will abolish Yom Tov Sheini shel Galuyot.

I don't believe there's any basis for such an assumption.

IsraelP said...

No. I think the assumption is that he would abolish galuyot making yom tov sheni a moot issue.

But that would still leave Rosh hashanah.

JoeSettler said...

IsraelP: I was thinking that he must have meant that he requires Mashiach to come before he leaves Galut, because I doubt he would imagine that Mashiach would cancel the second day in Galut for those that chose to stay behind.

Regarding Rosh Hashana, I was thinking that perhaps he thought the reestablished Sanhedrin would decide to make R"H one day only.

Leah said... I think it's possible that this person was just simply saying that he was tired of three day yom tov's. He just simply had enough.
He got bored. He got tired of davening. He got tired of eating rich/ elevated food. He got tired of not going back to his "regular life" of working and daily routine etc....

mmatitya said...

@IsraelP: "No. I think the assumption is that he would abolish galuyot..."

OK. There's no basis for that assumption, either.

Mark said...

Sounded like a mild joke to me ....

Nachum said...

mmatiya: Sadly, possibly true.

Anonymous: Have you ever read what Chazal said about the people who didn't return after the first galut?

Josh said...

There are two issues, tha after Mashiach comes, most of the holidays will be abolished except Purim and Hanukah, and/or Israel will take on itself the Yom Tov Sheini shel Galuyot.

Neshama said...

Josh: we're nearly there, in Israel we were into Hakafot Shniyot, the day after Simchas Torah, while in Chu'l they were also doing Hakafot up to Shabbat.

JoeSettler, just loved the your twist in this.

Nachum said...

Josh, there's no basis to either of those claims.

Lady-Light said...

Jameel, how about just abolishing yom tov sheni shel galuyot NOW because we have a fixed calendar and their is no longer any safek as to when is the nolad and when the chag starts. Period.

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