Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Moral Midgets who Voted Against the "Don't ever free the terrorist" law

A historic law was passed today by Israel's government, allowing it to proceed to the Knesset for ratification.

The law would allow at sentencing for the court to specifically prohibit the release of the terrorist...for life.

No Presidential pardon, no goodwill gestures to Fatah or Hamas in honor of Ramadan, and no pressure from the United States will allow for the terrorist to be released, ever.

The importance of this law is crucial from the perspective of justice, ethics and morality.

Following are the immoral pond scum of the Israeli Government who voted against the law:

Their worldview shoves morality to the wayside, spits in the face of the victims' memories and their families, makes a mockery of the whole notion of justice.

Luckily, this law from MK Ayelet Shaked did receive approval from the vast majority of the Israeli government.  At least someone still has a backbone.

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Richie Sevrinsky said...

Right, because clearly we need a preemptive law to prevent future governments from deciding what is the most appropriate course of action in the future.


SCS said...

Did the Arab parties abstain from the vote, or were their votes too obvious to mention?

2senseplain said...

Was good except for the part that gave judges latitude to decide whether or not to use the law in sentencing. And yes, for this we obviously need to prevent future governments from making more of these gestures.

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