Sunday, November 20, 2005

Israeli Soldier Provides Weapons to Terrorists...Doesn't Win Nobel Peace Prize.

In the Jerusalem Post breaking news section, the following item was pointed out to me by my friend Robert Klein. An IDF Soldier allegedly provides terrorists with arms (3 rifles) and is arrested. However, if you give 50,000 guns to Palestinian terrorists then you win the Nobel Peace Prize.


Mike Miller said...

Well, surely you're aware of the dangers of guns without proper training. It's only when you give weapons and training that you can be eligable for a prize. (Although I'm not quite sure how hard a point-and-click interface can be... maybe loading is the tricky part...)

Joe Settler said...

Very sloppy post Jameel.

See my blog for the ACCURATE quote from Robert.

Robert Klein said...

Joe: Sloppy? It's called creative license. Jameel at least used my full name; I'm not trying to be anonymous like you.

Admit it, Jameel posted it before you...he wins this round.

Joe Settler said...

I'll post your email too if you want,

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