Monday, September 08, 2008

America's Largest Independent Jewish Weekly

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OK, here's an advertisement guaranteed to start a comment war (and not because I put up 2 advertisements in a row).

Forget influential for a minute, it's amazing how the Jewish Press is sometimes considered the most controversial Jewish Paper around - especially with some of the other really controversial Jewish papers out there.

My theory is that it has nothing to do with its strongly held opinions and positions, but rather that it has such a wide readership in the Orthodox community that many people consider themselves obligated to read it, even if they disagree with parts of it, so they'll know what the rest of the Orthodox community is talking about over by the water cooler (you know who you are).

(I liked the Golem comics myself.)

So it's considered controversial because so many people that disagree with it are reading it (unlike really controversial papers that have limited audience appeal) - because it is a must read.

Anyway, here's the deal. For a short time only, you can subscribe to the Jewish Press and get your choice of a free Rav Soloveitchik Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur Machzor. (Certain restrictions apply).

You save money, and get a free machzor - but subscribe now, before it's too late.

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Jacob Da Jew said...

The R"S Machzor s the hottest one out there too.

Jack said...

The JP is ok.

nikki said...

i used to read it only for the ads.


how else where would you know where the brooklyn basement stores are?

Cosmic X said...


Did you see Cosmic X in The Jewish Press! ?

JoeSettler said...

Now I did! You're famous.

Baila said...

I grew up reading the JP. Arnold Fine, the Rebbetzin, Tales of the Midrash.

The paper got better as it aged, in my opinion.

Can you get a suscription in Israel?

davidl, elazar said...

This thread reminds me of the old shayla about the JP: Is it mutar to take it into the bathroom?

The teretz: Is it mutar to remove it from the bathroom?

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