Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank you, Arik Sharon

by Lurker

The catastrophic effects of Israel's hare-brained "Disengagement"/expulsion from Gaza continue to expand geometrically, and to rain down upon our heads (both literally and figuratively).

Not only did it empower Hamas to take over Gaza and turn life for over a million Israelis into an unending nightmare – it has also managed to destabilize the entire Sinai peninsula, which is rapidly turning into a massive, anarchic terror state on our southern border that will dwarf the Gaza Strip:

Why the IDF felt it had to strike at Zuhair al-Qaissi

"The 25,000-square-mile peninsula, ruled by Israel from 1967 to 1982, is in the midst of fundamental change. Religion is on the rise among the avowedly Muslim but traditionally impious Bedouin, and the rule of law, ever since the Arab Spring, is on the wane. Ehud Yaari argued in a recent paper for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that these two phenomena, coupled with Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza — which Israel hoped would lead to greater Egyptian involvement — have facilitated the unprecedented spread of Hamas political and religious ideology among the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai.

Yaari, an editorial board member of The Times of Israel and commentator for Channel 2 News, quoted a Bedouin blogger, Ashraf al-Anani, who depicted the effects of the withdrawal as 'a fireball [that] started rolling into the peninsula.'"

[Read the rest here.]

The painful truth: Most of Israel's great, revered political and military leaders – from the "elder statesman" Shimon Peres to the vaunted Ariel Sharon – are actually a bunch of hopeless morons who understand squat about the region in which we live. The very fact that the State of Israel still exists is thanks to a whole lot of sheer luck and/or divine providence (use your ideology to take your pick). But one thing is certain: Our continued survival here is not because of our benighted leaders, but in spite of them.

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Anonymous said...

100% dead on post! Nice to see you posting again on a more regular basis, but considering the palistinians idea of a cease fire is to keep shooting as reported here:

I want the war logo on the top of your page! -LFD

NormanF said...

The withdrawal from the Sinai and the from Gaza opened a tinderbox that's just becoming apparent. And it will get worse once Egypt's Islamists take over the government in Cairo.

No one foresaw this a decade go but the government of Israel should have considered the worst case scenario. Israel's leaders seem incapable of long-range planning.

Israel has survived not because of them but in spite of them.

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