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Day 2 of the Gaza War 15-Nov-2012

Day 2 of the Gaza War 15-Nov-2012

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11:59 PM Islamic Jihad leader Haled Al-Batash: "Soon there will be new surprises"

11:53 PM Reports that 3 senior tactical members of Hamas killed earlier this evening by IDF airstrike.

11:42 PM Air Raid Sirens sounding in the general vicinity of the Beer Sheva metropolitan area.

11:36 PM IDF's targetted killing continue in Gaza....reports from Gaza of 4 killed and over 23 wounded.
11:34 PM More updates coming momentarily. In the meantime, here is a very high quality video of the Iron Dome system in actiom over Beer Sheva.

10:00 PM Rockets fired over Netivot and Sha'ar Ha Negev.

9:59 PM Ministry of Education: Schools withing 40km of the Gaza strip will be closed.

9:58 PM 80 sites in Gaza have been hit by IAF and Israeli Navel bombardment in the last hour.

9:16 PM Colleges in Rishon L'Tzion and the region closed tomorrow.

9:07 PM During meetings with Defense establishment, Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced to go to protected area when air raid sirens started.

9:04 PM Arab sources: Following 10 air strikes Gaza is totally blacked out.

9:02 PM Israeli Government sources: "We will not stop until Hamas begs for mercy."

8:53 PM IDF reporting that the are planning major ground operation in Northern Gaza.

8:52 PM Sirens in Eshkol region and Chevel Shalom. 

8:36 PM Storage area destroyed by rocket in Be'er Sheva, 3 treated for shock.

8:21 PM IDF Spokesman confirms, Defense Minister green lights calling up 30,000 reservists.

8:19 PM Direct hit on house in Be'er Sheva. No injuries reported.

8:16 PM 5 rockets shots down by Iron Dome system over Be'er Sheva.

8:14 PM Rockets landing near Kiryat Melachi during funeral of Mira Sharf HY"D and Aaron Semadje HY"D.

8:10 PM Explosions over Ashkelon. More rockets fired at Be'er Sheva, Benei Shimon and Ramat Negev.

8:09 PM Watching Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv during air raid siren.

8:08 PM Shooting attack on IDF jeep near Kalkilya, no injuries.

8:07 PM Rocket explosions heard around Ashdod. No confirmation of rockets landing or Iron Dome.

8:05 PM Palestians from Gaza shooting at Army vehicles on Israeli side of border.

8:03 PM More sirens in Ashdod, Kiryat Melachi, Be'er Tovia, Yavneh, Ashkelon Beach and Yoav.

8:00 PM How much time do you have?

7:54 PM Sirens now in Be'er Tovia, Ashkelon, Shafir, Kiriyat Melachi.

7:50 PM Sirens sounding now in Be'er Sheva and Har Hevron

7:45 PM Magen David Adom has raised the level of preparedness in the Central Region (Tel Aviv area) to the highest level possible.

7:43 PM More rockets fired at Eshkol region.

7:40 PM Reports that one rocket landed in Bat Yam.

7:36 PM Cellular networks in Tel Aviv area crashing under pressure.

7:35 PM Rocket lands in cow shed in Eshkol region. No injuries. No report on cow situation.

7:33 PM At least 1000 reserve soldiers mobilized on an emergency footing.

7:31 PM BREAKING: Anti-tank rocket fired at IDF troops from Gaza.

7:23 PM  Iron Dome system knocks down 7 rockets over Be'er Sheva.

7:22 PM IDF Spox confirms 2 rockets fired at Tel Aviv. 

7:15 PM Still know official confirmation of rockets landing in Tel Aviv area. Local residents reporting only.

7:10 PM Amorphous Statement from IDF Spox: "No Rockets Landed on the ground in Tel Aviv"  No known injuries in rocket attack on Greater Tel-Aviv. Islamic Jihad takes responsibility. Claims they shot a Fajr5 rocket.

7:06 PM Israel Radio saying the rocket may have landed in Bat Yam and not in Tel Aviv.  Other sources I know have contradicted this. 

7:01 PM IDF attacking Khan Yunis and Rafiach area.

6:58 PM In light of the Rocket attack on Gush Dan - its safe to say the countdown has started for the ground offensive.
6:55 PM No one wants to say exactly where the rocket landed due to security considerations.  Definite Rocket Strike on Tel Aviv area. Confirmed.

6:52 PM Air Raid Sirens in Sederot

6:51 PM Waiting for official confirmation of rocket landing on Tel Aviv beach...also checking reports of rockets hitting Rishon and Bat Yam

6:50 PM Confusion over location of where rocket landed...stay tuned.  Network Servers Crashing due to overload.
6:46 PM Rocket Lands on Tel Aviv beach.  No known injuries at this time...Forces responding.

6:46 PM Explosion Heard -- Forces checking for rocket location. First Time Tel Aviv has been attacked since the First Gulf War in 1991.



6:32 PM Air Raid Sirens - Shaar HaNegev

6:29 PM More Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region. Hamas announces it is not prepared for a cease fire.  IDF pounding away at terror targets in the Northern Gaza Strip.

6:19 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region

6:17 PM News claimed 4...(IDF radio this morning)

6:11 PM Bnei Akiva Youth Movement announces that it will be attending a massive prayer rally at the Kotel / Western Wall in Jerusalem on this coming Saturday evening, with buses of youth arriving from all over the country.  Jameel asks: I wonder if this means that the "Chodesh Irgun" closing celebrations will be postponed?

6:08 PM Tel Aviv mayor, Ron Huldai announces that Tel Aviv is opening its cultural centers to residents of the South, free of charge, including the Camari Theatre, HaBima, Beit Lessin, and many others.  (The entire list can be seen here)

6:05 PM Official Statement from the Rishon Municpality:

We request from the public to adhere to the directives of the IDF Homefront Command.
When hearing a siren, enter the nearest secure area; bomb shelter or room with the least amount of external walls, windows and doors. It is forbidden to leave the safe area till 10 minutes after the siren was sounded.  The municipality is now, at this very moment opening all the public bomb shelters

6:01 PM Since the rocket launch at Rishon, there is severe cellular service disruption.
5:59 PM 4 Grad rockets that were shot at Beer Sheva region were taken out by Iron Dome.  Ambulances are scouring the area.

5:51 PM 6 explosions heard in Beer Sheva region, Sirens in Chatzeirim (IAF airbase)

5:49 PM IDF combat soldiers and ground troops positioning themselves near Gaza, preparing for ground incursion.  Waiting for "go ahead" from Government.  Soldiers continue to stream southwards in preparation...

5:45 PM Internal Security Minister Aharonovitch confirms rocket launch towards Rishon LZiyon, says it landed, but not "in" Rishon. (Channel 2 TV)

5:42 PM Tzeva Adom / Air Raid Sirens in Sederot.

5:36 PM No reported injuries in any of the recent attacks.  Waiting for confirmation of any rockets strikes (this time) in the Southern Edge of Gush Dan.  As of now, none identified by Israeli sources.

5:33 PM Another barrage of rockets at the Kissufim area (adjascent to Central Gaza strip)

5:30 PM Sirens all over the southern edge of Gush Dan / Greater Tel Aviv:
Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon...rockets launches seen....

5:12 PM Mira Sharf HY"D, of Kiryat Melachi, killed this morning by rocket fire. Her husband Shmulik and and one year old son were also seriously injured. Their neighbor Aaron Semdaje HY"D was also murdered in the attack.Mira and Shmulik were planning to go to India to serve as Shluchim for Chabad. 4 years ago today (Rosh Chodesh Kislev) the Chabad Shlichim in Mumbai, India were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

5:03 PM Another barrage of rockets fired over Ashdod, air raid sirens sounding.

4:58 PM One of the rocket sites destroyed by Israel was dug in between an elementary school and a mosque. (Channel 10 news)

4:53 PM CONFIRMED: Grad missile lands in open area near Rishon L'Tzion.No injuries or wounded.

4:45 PM Rocket falls in S'derot. Unconfirmed report of rocket landing in Rishon. UPDATE: Sirens in S'derot were false. But reports of rocket landing in Ashdod.UPDATE: Sirens also heard in Bat Yam and Nes Tziona.

4:42 PM Sirens heard in Rishon L'Tzion which is much closer to the Dan Region. No report of rockets.

4:37 PM More rockets fired over Sderot as air ride sirens sound once more.

4:23 PM Round up of pictures for the 2nd day of Pillar of Deffense operation at The Blaze.

4:20 PM IDF soldiers firing of Iron Dome anti-missile missle.

4:13 PM Foreign press (Sky News, Al Arabiya) reporting that Israel has offered a "cease fire" starting at 5 PM. UPDATE: Reporter on Arutz 2 has said IDF has no plans to stop any time soon.

4:04 PM Direct hit on small factory in Sha'ar HaNegev. No injuries reported.

3:57 PM Rachel's Tomb closed to visitors due violent Arab protests, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails.

3:53 PM 5 additional rockets fired over Eshkol region.

3:44 PM Reports of IAF planes striking in Khan Yunis.

3:28 PM British Ambassador to Israel in Kiriyat Melachi declares UK's full support for Israel's defensive actions and her full right to self defense.

3:27 PM Since the start of Israel's actions in Gaza IAF has destroyed over 100 long range Hamas missile launchers.

3:20 PM Violent protest in front of Bahad 3 army base in Samaria. 40 people throwing rocks at civilian cars and army vehicles.

3:19 PM Another rocket fired at Sderot.

3:16 PM 3 soldiers wounded by mortar fire in Eshkol region. One with medium wounds and two with light.

3:15 PM Air Raid sirens in Eshkol and Tze'ilim

3:11 PM Kasam rocket falls in Sderot. No word of injuries.

2:58 PM Rockets fired over Sderot.

2:50 PM Security Commitee of the Knesset has decided on a broad call up of reserve units.

2:45 PM Be on the lookout for Pallywood!
Guess what, not a picture from Gaza. The picture is 3 weeks old and is from Syria. 

2:39 PM PA Prime Minster and Holcaust Denier Abbas calls for Hamas to stop the rockets.

2:38 PM Multiple rockets fired, sirens in Ashkelon and Asheklon Beach regional council.

2:35 PM Building in Kiryat Melachi that was struck with rocket has been evacuated for fear that it will collapse.

2:28 PM IDF dropped flyers earlier today over Gaza.  The following translation from the Arabic is from the IDF Spox:

2:24 PM Eshkol region Air Raid Siren.

2:22 PM Air Raid Sirens in Kiryat Gat, Eshkol Region, Ashkelon Beach area, Yoav Area, Lachish and Shapir.

3 wounded in previous attack on Eshkol region - 1 moderate, 2 light. Medivac Helicopter dispatched.

2:13 PM Iron Dome takes out 7 rockets simultaneously over Ashdod area.

 2:10 PM IDF firing at Beit Lahiya terror cell which is launching rockets at Israel.

2:06 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol and Merhavim regions

2:04 PM Photo of Iron Dome shooting down a Gazan rocket over Ashkelon at 1:59 PM. (Courtesy: mickeyb/

2:02 PM Air Raid Sirens going off in South Haifa/ Tirat HaCarmel region -- this is due to siren malfunction and NOT a rocket strike

2:00 PM From the Algemeiner: Source: Kiryat Malachi Victim Was Chabad Emissary From India Visiting Israel for Mumbai Victims’ Memorial Service
Israeli political consultant Jonny Daniels citing an Israeli source and a Chabad leader in Israel told The Algemeiner that among the victims of this morning’s Gaza rocket attack on the Israeli city of Kiryat Malachi was a Chabad “shlucha (female emissary)” to India, who was visiting Israel this week for the memorial service of Chabad Mumbai terror victims Gabi and Rivka Holtzberg. The Hebrew anniversary of their brutal murder is today.

A second victim said to be in his late forties was the father of the 8 month old baby girl who was injured. (source)

1:59 PM Ashkelon region Air Raid Sirens going off...

1:45 PM Air Raid Sirens in Shaar HaNegev and Sedot Negev Regions.

1:43 PM Update: The diplomats are being held by Hamas at the Erez crossing.

1:41 PM Air Raid Siren in Eshkol region

1:37 PM Channel 2 Israel TV: Hamas holding 43 diplomats hostage, and not allowing them to leave the Gaza strip.

1:03 PM Air Raid Siren in Eshkol region

1:01 PM Arutz Sheva reports of a direct rocket hit in Sederot, no injuries but there is a gas leak.

12:57 PM Report of a car hit by a rocket at Gilat interchange; car went up in flames. Confirmed: No injuries.

12:57 PM Marwan Issa (47) appointed by Hamas to replace Ahmed Jabri.  Dead Man Walking.

12:56 PM Reverse Pyschological Warfare? Hamas claims IDF ground offensive in Northern Gaza strip

12:52 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region.

12:45 PM Couple due to be married tonight in Ashkelon requests help... The Asheklon.Net website reports that the IDF homefront command has cancelled a wedding hall tonight, and the couple is looking for logistical help to relocate their wedding to Central Israel this evening.  For more information to help, the mother of the Bride, Tzippy, call be reached at 052-445-3941  They aren't looking for financial help -- just logistical help. Israeli students in Central Israel -- this is your chance to help! Source:

12:42 PM Newly released IDF Spox video of IDF targeting underground Gaza rocket launcher.

12:40 PM Sirens sounding in South Hebron Hills, Omer, Lachish, Kiryat Gat and Rahat.

12:35 PM Multiple rockets shot at Sderot and taken out by Iron Dome anti missle system. No injuries.

12:32 PM Leftist and Arab students at Haifa University holding "moment of silence" for arch terrorist Ahmed Jabari.

12:30 PM How Hamas works.

12:28 PM Air raid sirens sounding in Ashkelon Beach region.

12:23 PM  Do you understand?

12:19 PM Rockets fired over Netiv HaAsarah.

12:11 PM So far 200 rockets have been fired into Israel since the start of the current offensive.

12:09 PM Rocket hits in Sderot. Magen David responding.UPDATE: House in Sderot hit. No injuries but gas leak detected.

12:08 PM Army Sources reporting that they have managed to cripple Hamas and Islamic Jihad long range missle capabilities.

12:06 PM Air Raid sirens sounding in Sderot.

12:05 PM In the Gaza mall at this minute

11:59 AM Putting things into perspective.

11:54 AM Two more rockets fired at Ashkelon. No report of damage or injuries.

11:49 AM How not to do PsychWarfare: Islamic Jihad say their retaliton will shock Israel. Says an IDF ground incursion will result in heavy caualties. Funny, they sad the same in Operation Cast Lead. When most of their minions ran away and hid.

11:48 AM YNET reporting that IAF fighter jets have been scrambled from the North to help with targeting the abundance of terror hotspots in Gaza.

11:44 AM Primer on the Fajr-5 Rockets by @DougPologe

11:42 AM Pictures from funeral of slain Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari

11:40 AM Air raid sirens sounding in Ashkelon.

11:34 AM In what CNN describes as a news report
CNN: (CNN) -- Israel continued a blistering assault early Thursday against Gaza, targeting what it described as 100 terror sites in response to ongoing rocket attacks by Palestinian militants, a move that has raised fears of a wider regional conflict. (emphasis added)

11:30 AM Preliminary reports of IDF soldier lightly wounded on the Golan Heights from gunfire out of Syria. UPDATE: Soldier wounded by shrapnel from mortar fire, not bullets.

11:15 AM Hamas threatening to live broadcast rocket attacks on Tel Aviv.

11:11 AM Operation Piller of Defense moves online.

11:05 AM UNCONFIRMED- Reports that a vehicle filled with armed men has broken through the border with Egypt near Eilat.

10:58 AM IDF video footage of strikes on Fajr missile sites in Khan Yunis camp in Gaza.

10:55 AM Another salvo of rockets reported to have been fired at Ashkelon.

10:54 AM 4th Israeli dies of wounds from rocket attack on Kiryat Melachi. 

10:46 AM Pictures of building hit by rocket that killed 3 and injured 6.

10:43 AM Grad Rocket from Gaza that was fired over Dan region knocked down by Iron Dome system. This is the farthest north that a rocket from Gaza has gotten. UPDATE: This report has been disputed. More information as it becomes available.

10:37 AM Video of rockets fired by Islamic Jihad earlier this morning.

10:35 AM Iron Dome system knocks down missile over Ashkelon. No damage or injuries reported. Sirens sounding in Kiryat Melachi.

10:27 AM Hamas military wing Izzadim Al-Kasam has taken responsibility for deadly rocket attack on Kiryat Melachi.

9:31 AM Ahmed Jabari eulogies have begun. At 11:30 they will be taking what's left of the terrorist's body to burial  Note to IDF: 11:30 might be a good time to kill a lot of terrorists in one shot.

9:29 AM Rockets landing in Ashdod. Sirens sounding throughout the city.

9:12 AM Israel Radio correspondent Nissim Keinan reported this morning that some of the Grad rockets fired from Gaza to Israel were also loaded with phosphorus. (IMRA)

9:08 AM 2 women, 1 man killed in Kiryat Melachi strike. Baby moderately wounded. Dozens being treated for shell shock.

9:05 AM In the past 5 minutes, 4 barrages of rocket attacks on Ashdod.
House in  Kiryat Gat hit. No injuries reported.
IDF expresses concern that as the day goes by, rocket attacks will intensify.

9:01 AM 3 confirmed dead in Kiryat Melachi, Rockets falling in Kiryat Melachi and Kiryat Gat. 6 injured.

8:52 AM There are 3 confirmed dead in the rocket strike in Kiryat Melachi, and a baby is injured, in moderate condition. 

 The rocket hit the 4th story of an apartment building.
IDF reporter is under rocket fire in Kiryat Melchi, as she is reporting live from the scene

8:52 AM There are confirmed dead in the rocket strike in Kiryat Melachi, and a baby is injured, in moderate condition.

8:46 AM Unconfirmed reports of 3 dead in 2 rocket strikes on Kiryat Melachi

8:40 AM In the past 20 minutes, 30-40 rockets fired from Gaza. There was a direct hit on a house in Kiryat Melachi. Reports of critically wounded woman.
MDA and police responding.

8:01 AM Muslim Bros call for global "Day of Rage" against IDF "aggression"

8:00 AM Sirens in Ashkelon

7:57 AM Sirens in Ashkelon / Beer Tuvia region

7:48 AM Sirens in Beer Sheva - massive explosion reported. Barrage of rockets launched at Beer Sheva.

7:14 AM Red Alert in Eshkol Region

7:14 AM Overnight Update
Two missiles launched since midnight (total 104 since the operation began Wednesday afternoon.
Three terrorists were killed in Khan Yunis that were firing rockets towards the Eshkol region.
28 Israelis were treated for shell shock.
1 person lightly wounded from broken glass, in Be'er Sheva.
UN Security Council discusses situation between Israel and Gaza, but reached no conclusions.
At 4:38 AM, Israel targeted the Palestinian Parliament building in Gaza.
13 dead in Gaza, and over 90 wounded.
President Obama discusses situation with Egyptian president Morsi, telling him it is Israel's right to defend itself.
Last rocket attacks for at 6:51 AM in the Eshkol region. No injuries reported. 

1:39 AM Last update before I go to bed.  IDF Homefront Command Webpage -- OOOPS!

1:22 AM Update to recent rocket attack on Beer Sheva; Iron Dome successfully knocked out 2 Grad rockets.  No reports of injuries.

1:16 AM I'm taking a break from liveblogging -- will resume early morning Israel time / 5 AM Israel time / 10 PM Eastern Standard Time / 0300 GMT.

To our brothers and sisters in Southern Israel, may you have a quiet and peaceful night.  To the IDF, may God bless and protect the brave warriors of the Israel Defense Forces.  May God grant wisdom to the Israeli government to direct the IDF to ensure the safety and security of the residents of the State of Israel.

Good night from the Muqata.


1:13 AM Reports of 8 rockets launched simultaneously from Gaza towards Beer Sheva.

1:11 AM Two explosions heard in Beer Sheva; could be Iron Dome counter missiles.  

1:10 AM Air Raid Sirens erupt throughout the Beer Sheva region.

1:08 AM IDF and Hamas fight it out via Twitter.

1:06 AM IAF warplanes continue to pound Northern Gaza.  Palestinians report that there are wounded as a result of the attack.

1:02 AM Israeli Channel 2 TV reports -- Minister of Internal Security Aharonovitch says that Israel is prepared for the possibility of terror infiltrations from Yehuda vShmron/West Bank

12:57 AM YNET reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken to US President Obama and updated him on the IDF operation in Gaza, and thanked him for the USA support for Israel to defend itself. (source)

12:54 AM No way to confirm attacks / attempted attacks on Israeli positions in the Golan.  Lets assume for the time being that the report is incorrect. (12:43 AM report)

12:53 AM Israeli Cabinet Approves Open-ended Combat Reservists Draft

12:46 AM Gazan town of Beit Lahiya under attack by IAF warplanes and IDF artillery.

12:43 AM Totally unconfirmed reports from the Arab meda: REPORTS: Syria have attacked Israeli bases in Golan in retaliation to the aggression on Gaza. Unconfirmed. Investigating...

12:40 AM Israeli Military Reporter Alon Ben-David: "Finally Israel has conducted a pointed and decisive attack.  Hamas is currently still in shock.  When they regain their composure, there will be some difficult days for us.  Take care of yourselves, I'm on my way [to the battlefield]"

12:35 AM Palestinian Authority begs the UN to force Israel to stop the"agression" against the Palestinian people.  Note: Maybe the Palestinians should have thought of that before firing rockets at us...

12:15 AM Rocket Warning Sirens in Beer Sheva.

Continued from Day 1 of the Gaza War 14-Nov-2012

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Anonymous said...

God Bless the people of Israel and thank you Jameel for such amazing updates.

Mo said...

I'll second the thanks for the updates, as it's nice to get info. from something other than the useless MSM. It's a wonderful blog any day, but it is THE place to be during these wars. We'll pray and hope for no one in Israel, not in the military or any of the residents of any town in Israel, to come to any harm, and that the IDF and IAF should have complete success in their endeavors to defend Israel.

Thanks again Jameel

shloma said...

Hashem hilachem lchem vata tachrishun

Holger Awakens said...

Thank G_d for this blog and the much needed updates - we're watching and praying from America. Bless the IDF and the brave citizens of Israel.

jonj said...

I can't believe that about Kever Rochel! We were there this afternoon and marveled at the fact that we could just drive up there without an army escort/bulletproof bus/etc. All was calm when we were there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update

small correction, the atttack in mumbai was not one year ago, but more

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us in the diaspora updated. G_d bless Israel our prayers are with you always.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard any truth to what people are posting on facebook:
IDF spokesman has requested that no one posts anything on Facebook about where rockets and grads are falling and where sirens are being heard. Hamas intelligence can see all these posts and it can inadvertantly help them with where to aim their rockets!!! Everyone take note and share

Anonymous said...

IDF spokesman has requested that no one posts anything on Facebook about where rockets and grads are falling and where sirens are being heard.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

All - The IDF military censor rules are as follows...

על-מנת להבהיר להלן הנחיות הצנזורה:
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח מיקום נפילה מדויק בזמן אמת.
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח ביקורי בכירים באזור לחימה ו/או ביישובים עד לסיום הביקור.
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח נפילות ביישובים קטנים.
• הצנזורה אוסרת דיווח על נפילות בים.
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח נפילות בתשתיות אזרחיות חיוניות/מפעלים חיוניים או מפעלים אסטרטגיים (תחנות חשמל, מאגרי מים, שדות תעופה אזרחיים, מצבורי גז, מפעלים כימיים, נמלי ים, משדרי רדיו מקומי/ארצי ).
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח מידע אודות אמל"ח שלא התפוצץ או כל תקלה אחרת באמל"ח.
• הצנזורה אוסרת דיווח על פגיעה במתקני צבא/ מתקנים ביטחוניים/מפעלים אסטרטגיים ביטחוניים (תע"ש, רפא"ל).
• הצנזורה אוסרת על דיווח פגיעות בריכוזי כוחות. במקרה של אר"ן משמעותי, המגמה לאשר מהר ככול שניתן את עצם קיומו של האירוע ( בתאום דובר צה"ל ).
• הצנזורה אוסרת דיווחי נפילות בשטחים פתוחים ברמה של מועצה מקומית/אזורית.
• הצנזורה אוסרת דיווח אודות סוג החומרים המסוכנים שהייתה בהם פגיעה/דליפה.

The Muqata blog only reports sirens or hits in regions, large cities. I am clarifying if there are new rule changes with them now.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read that the IDF opposes sharing precise information about rocket attacks on fb or twitter? How do you know that Hamas uses this information to help aim their rockets?

Stefanie said...

Stratfor Red Alert

Stratfor expects rocket fire into the area where nearly 40 percent of the country's population resides -- and extending rocket fire to an area that now includes over half of the country -- to result in firmer action taken by the Israeli military

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