Thursday, December 13, 2012

Restoring Deterrence

With one act, a young girl (woman for those that find that word offensive) managed to restore just a little bit of the deterrence that has been chipped away from us over these past few years.

I almost thought that the videos of our IDF soldiers running away(!) from Arab stone throwers was the nail in the coffin, but then the IDF released a statement that they did the right thing by running away, which just about pushed that coffin over the cliff.

That statement came after the strong denial the other week from the IDF, denying any role in the killing of the terrorists that attacked, injured, and nearly killed Israeli security personnel.

It seems that the IDF doesn't know what it's mission is anymore. Not since Gush Katif - its "most successful large scale operation ever".

The IDF is embarrassed to fight to win, the politicians are afraid to give them orders to fight. And the soldiers don't want to fight, because they don't want to go to jail or be punished.

After last night's heroic act, I was sure the IDF was going to release a clarification that the girl (woman) was a border policeman, and not to be confused with an IDF soldier.

They certainly aren't doing a great job defending her against the critics that are threatening her.

The IDF needs an overhaul, and I know someone who deserves to be involved in the retraining.

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LI Reader said...

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

The IDF didn't say the soldiers were right to run away. They said the clip was edited to make it look as if the soldiers were running away, when they were actually chasing other stone throwers.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect with Barak as Defense Minster? Bibi will probably do everything he can to have Barak serve another term.

Shlomo said...

Off topic but interesting...

JoeSettler said...

Here's the video. It's one very smooth stream from when the soldiers chase the Arabs, until the Arabs start throwing stones and the IDF soldiers turn to scramble away.

There was no editing here of the event as you can see.

It's a failure of the IDF, and the IDF statement is a bigger failure of their believability.

Anonymous said...

What about her makes her a girl? She's 20 years old. "Girl" is not offensive, it's just inaccurate.
Otherwise, agreed.

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