Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lies, Damn Lies, and Pallywood.

The following photo appears in the Facebook group "I acknowledge Apartheid Exists"

So why am I posting it? Because it's typical Palestinian nonsense.

They hijacked a photo from 2005, which had the original caption:

Title: Religious Jews Protest Against The Desecration Of Ancient Graves

Caption: KIBBUTZ REGAVIM, ISRAEL - MAY 31: An Israeli security guard grabs an ultra-Orthodox Jew in a headlock during a protest against the desecration of alleged ancient Jewish graves May 31, 2005 near Kibbutz Regavim in northern Israel. Dozens of black-garbed religious Jews clashed with the privately-hired guards as they tried to prevent the construction of the Trans-Israel highway over the graves. The protesters say the graves are Jewish, but archaeologists say they are Roman and date to the late second and early third century AD. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Date created: 31 May 2005

Editorial image #: 53001697

But why should we let facts get in the way of typical Palestinian lies?

PS:  The photo itself is distressing, yet its slanderous for Palestinians to hijack it and call it as their own.
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Anonymous said...

I hate Pallywood. Nice to see you posting!

Egypt said...

What Is This !!!!

The Reform Baal Teshuvah said...

You should have called this post "I acknowledge Palestinian Intellectual Property Theft exists"

Seriously, since you've sourced the image, shouldn't you notify the owner? Be nice if the facebook group got a little C&D, wouldn't it?

Michael Sedley said...

The photo looks distressing, but without background information doesn't say anything.

If the demonstrator was violent or threatening, it could well be appropriate for a police officer to restrain him by putting him in a headlock.

This would be true for both Palestinian demonstrators and Jewish, and wouldn't matter whether they were protesting ancient graves or "Palestinian Rights"

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