Monday, April 29, 2013

Waqf Orders, Bibi Folds, Feiglin Blocked from Temple Mount

I received a Breaking News email last night from

The gist of it was, the Waqf, which sits on Har HaBayit, called up Netanyahu's office, and threatened to start "World War 3" if Moshe Feiglin is allowed to go up onto Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) today.

Netanyahu apparently gave the order to the police forbidding Knesset Member Feiglin from going up.

This order is in violation of so many Israeli laws (well, 3 at least).

Feiglin responded that he won't go up, but he no longer feels the vote with the Likud, since Netanyahu has trampled all over the law, instead of protecting and defending it, because Bibi is afraid of the Waqf (my addition).

I think it's about time the State of Israel dismantled the Waqf, and removed them from Jewish Holy sites such as the Temple Mount, and the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

I think its time the State of Israel called their bluff. Because, all it is, is a bluff.

We've survived and thrived through the worst Intifada the Arabs could throw at us. It's time we displayed a little more sovereignty in our own country, and in our own Holy sites.

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Anonymous said...

it's against the הלכה.

Druid said...

You're ignorant. It all depends where on the temple mount he goes.

MAOZ said...

Joe Settler: Roger that!

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