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Three Obvious Questions on the Current Peace Process

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It's become apparent to all that Syria is the natural Arab state. Without a strong and powerful leader, anarchy and internecine murder swiftly develops.

This is not because Arabs are primitive, though in part it is because Islam is fundamentally a violent religion. The real reason is that the Arabs are not really one people, as the root word in Hebrew “Arev” attests to. Arev translates as mixture. The Arabs are in reality a mix of distinct sects, tribes and clans who don't really like one another. When they are supposedly unified, it is only because a strong leader temporarily suppresses their independent identities and locks them together under his strong thumb.

Arab state after state proves this to be true.

This brings us to our first obvious question about the current peace process….

1) Who does Abbas actually represent in the peace talks? While Abbas controls the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria, he doesn’t control the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, as that is under control of a different group – a competing terrorist gang that not only doesn’t he speak for, but a gang who is prepared to overthrow him once conditions are right.

Abbas also doesn’t have the support of the Chamulot, the traditional clan and tribes, who despise him, and would also overthrow Abbas in a second if given the chance.

So if Israel negotiates with Abbas, when the reality is that he doesn’t represent Gaza, when he doesn’t represent the Chamulot, and in fact, since there haven’t been elections, we don’t even know if he represents the rest of the Arab citizens he rules, and he is likely to be overthrown soon, what value does his signature have?

The answer is nothing.

That brings us to the second question…

2) What will keep the "West Bank" from turning into Syria? As we pointed out above, the so-called “Palestinians” are a mixture of different religious sects, tribes and clans, and Bedouin too, who all hate each other, if God forbid, Israel were to pull out the IDF further, we will quickly see a repeat of the Hamas takeover in Judea and Samaria. But this will end up as messy as Syria, when all the groups will start to kill each other to take over. The “West Bank” would quickly deteriorate, and it would be as if we had listened to Shimon Peres as his idiotic ideas to give away the Golan to Syria - pointless and dangerous.

What will stop this Syria-like collapse in the "West Bank"?

Again, the answer is nothing.

And that brings us to our third question and final question…

3) Why in the world would Abbas even want to make peace, when he knows that as soon as he does, his dead, mangled, and cannibalized carcass will be hauled through Bethlehem’s Manger Square by one of the many sects, clans, and tribes that want him dead, and will use this as an opportunity to attempt a coup?

The answer is, he does not.

Reaching peace in these peace talks is the last thing Abbas wants or needs. Ignoring for a moment that he will never obtain the terms of agreement that his cohorts and various friends and enemies are demanding, reaching a true peace agreement means his death, and no further access to his Swiss bank accounts.

For Abbas (or any other future “Palestinian” leader), nothing is better than the current situation. The continuation of the conflict provides him a lifeline (and access to his Swiss bank accounts).

What Abbas does need to get out of this, is a strengthening of his position vis a vis Hamas. The only subject of tangible value for him is the release of terrorists and baby killers.

“Palestinian” society is so sick, that the value they hold most dear, is the value of murdering Jewish babies, and those who murder Jewish women and children are their society’s heroes.

That is why releasing these baby-killers is their first and most non-negotiable demand.

That is why Abbas made it a requirement for talking peace.

Abbas expects nothing else from the talks. He wants nothing to succeed from the talks, but if he is being forced to talk, he can at least demand the one concession that he knows from experience Israel will give him that will temporarily buttress his position as the “Palestinian” leader before the talks collapse.

And that is the release of terrorists and baby killers.

And while I only said three questions, here’s a bonus fourth, which I’ll leave for you to answer.

4) Bibi Netanyahu knows all the above. So, what is he really hoping to achieve with these negotiations, and why?

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Chaim Zev Finkel said...

It's not like Netanyahu is any better. Who exactly does Bibi actually represent in the peace talks? His own party and coalition partners will not back him! He represents the potential to make a deal with Shelly should the need arise to form another ruling government? Everyone knows that Israel is not ruled by the Knesset and the PM anyways, it is ruled by the oligarchical dictatorship of the AG Yehuda Weinstein and the High Court, they are the ones who really set government policy, not the elected officials.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the USA...

NormanF said...

Jews have brought to the world the principles of truth and justice.

However, in the mindless obsession with peace that afflicts the Israeli elite, these principles get trampled into the dust. You may want to know how does subverting truth and justice lead to real peace?

I'm glad you asked me because I can't figure out for the life of me how releasing baby killers and mass murderers from Israeli prisons will ever lead to real peace. It will in truth lead to the exact opposite!

The Arabs will use Jewish humiliation and self-degradation to score bragging points at home and to crow how the Jews are so desperate for peace at any price, they're willing to lower themselves even beneath their enemies to win their approval.

Jews' servility to the Arabs only wins them their contempt! If the price of peace is the Jews have to give up what they rightly have given to the world, the kind of peace on offer is in truth worth nothing.

Something for Israeli politicians to think about - if they ever get around to it.

Saul Lieberman said...

What keeps the "West Bank" from turning into Syria now?

The Reform Baal Teshuvah said...

What does Bibi hope to gain?

US support against Iran.

He's probably not going to get that. The US will, I expect, sit on its hands until Israel solves the Iranian problem, then it and all of Europe will breathe a collective sigh of relief even as they say "Bad Jew! No Matzoh Ball for you!"

Josh said...

I was waiting for #4 so thanks for asking.

In a whole region in an uproar, Israel is an island of stability. It's have been proven that the Israel-PA conflict is not the root of any problem in the region. So, why is there such a strong push to 'solve' this conflict now? What is the rush? Why is the 'window' closing now that can't wait 20 more years?

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