Monday, August 18, 2014

Female IDF paramedics' fight for life

9:00am Female IDF paramedics saved lives in Gaza during combat.

"On that terrible night, just days after cancelling her vacation abroad and returning to Israel, Staff Sergeant Yonat Daskal lay on the sand of Gaza and looked skyward. The 10 wounded soldiers who she had treated over the last few hours had all finally been evacuated to different hospitals within Israel.

"I looked up at the stars and tried to understand what had happened to me," she said. "I told myself that today is Friday and I should have been with my family for Kiddush, or even in Mexico, but instead I'm in Gaza, in the reserves, and maybe that's what was supposed to happen. Maybe I needed to be there to give my abilities to the wounded, guys from my battalion, 18-year-old soldiers who shouldn't be in my care. What have they had time to do in their life?"

Read the whole article....worth every word.  Full Article

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