Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iran and Israel; cooperation in tragedy

R' Nechemia Wilhelm, one of the Lubavitcher shelichim
in Thailand
walks among the dead at the
Phuket airport temporary morgue. Credit: AP

The Phuket, Thailand plane crash has been the first news item every hour on all Israeli radio station news updates since Sunday. 8 Israelis died in the crash...and Israel sent Magen David Adom, Israeli Police, Forensic experts and ZAKA personnel to the crash location. As a result of years of Arab terror attacks against her, Israel has a wealth of experience in disaster management and victim identification.

What's almost routine for Israel is very foreign to Iran, and while Israel sent a professional and equipment laden flight to Phuket, and were up and running quickly, Iran's consul on the ground had no idea where to start.

Israel Radio reports that the Iranian consul approached the Israeli representatives, and asked for their help -- the crash claimed 8 Israeli lives, and 18 Iranian ones. Israel immediately acquiesced, and provided a crucial piece of equipment to the Iranian personnel: A fax machine to receive identification pictures and other personnel information from Iran. Israel also agreed to help Iran with anything related to the tragedy.

The amazing thing is not Israel's willingness to help, but that Iran initiated the request for help.

Who knows...maybe they won't nuke us now.

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Anonymous said...

That’s not a zaka volunteer. It' R Nechemia Wilhelm, one of the Lubavitcher shelichim in Thailand.

Jerry said...

Jameel, the scary thing is not the fact that a country that does not like Israel would possess a nuclear weapon. That situation already exists, times a few (USSR in the past, N. Korea, Pakistan).

What's scary is the fact that the man who leads this nation is absolutely crazy, and nobody knows what he would do with that type of power.

He knows how to be suave and to play the system, and he can be rogue and threatening at the same time.

Remember a couple months ago when that Israeli tourist got stuck after his plane had to make an emergency landing in Iran? They gave him a gift to take home with him!

I don't think any diplomatic gestures can be interpreted in their normal way when you're dealing with this madman...

mevaseretzion said...

Don't count on it, Jameel. How many of the Chevron Jews in '29 had warm and cordial relationships with their murderers only hours before their massacre?

Soccer Dad said...

After the Iranian earthquake a few years ago, Iran refused Israeli help even though it likely meant abandoning people to death.

This envoy must be something of a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

"This envoy must be something of a loose cannon."

Soccer dad may be onto it. And his comment reminded me about the Japanese diplomat -- Sugihara, if I remember the name correctly -- who on his own initiative and in defiance of instructions to the contrary from his government, issued thousands of transit visas to Jews who were trying to flee the Nazi beasts.

Sometimes ya gotta say, "Thank G^d for 'loose cannons'!"


Anonymous said...

I am glad Iran asked. Israel only wants to better the lives of people. This includes being of help and comfort when lives come to an end. It is good when the rest of the world sees this.

Anonymous said...

"maybe they won't nuke us now"

Aren't you guys the ones with nukes?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Iranian government do not put the consul under arrest for "collaborating" with the Zionists

tafka PP said...

Nice to see a little healthy optimism.

Anonymous said...

"maybe they won't nuke us now"

Aren't you guys the ones with nukes?

I believe that "us guys" have consistantly said we may or may not have them. Iran is clear, they want them.

Batya said...

I feel sorry for the families.

When my son was in South America, I was more nervous than when he was in the army, and he was in during the Barak terrorism.

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