Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuff to do on Sukkot

With Sukkot coming up fast, there are tons of new archeological findings that have been discovered in the past few weeks. I hope they are open to the public and when you visit Israel you get a chance to see them.

City of David (open)
3000 year old bee hives (?)
Herodian (open)
King Herod's grave on Herodian (?)
Temple Quarry (?)
Secret Escape Tunnel under the Old City (?)

Other events this Sukkot include:

Kite Festival somewhere in Gush Etzion
Hebron Festival

If anyone knows of meore, please add them to the comments section.

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

City of David on Segways.

Now THAT's awesome.

elchonon said...

hmmm I am thinking of heading to givat halhoul sunday.. if not i'll see y'all in chevron!

Jerry said...

there's the sukka-ria in kikar safra...

Almost Jerusalem said...

The Kite festival is a lot of fun, with things to do for all, from little ones to adults. It takes place in P'nei Kedem (south of Tekoa).

It acts as a fundraiser for the town (which has something like 19 or so families, all of whom must work quite hard to bring the festival off).

nikki said...

however, if anyone goes to the kite festival, make sure to bring your own kite. last year, even though they advertised "DIY," they ran out of kite kits rather early. sort of a waste to drive all that way and not have anything to do once you get there.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Chomesh on Tuesday.
Parade in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Two extremes.
Sukkah made of candy at the Jerusalem municipality. I actually heard one of the people in charge say, "Diabetics should stay away." But the Municipality sukkah in the past has included the finalists in a model sukkah competition and those are usually interesting. Jameel I think one year someone made a sukkah in an ambulance.

JoeSettler said...


At the Old Jerusalem Train Station during Chol HaMoed.

elchonon said...

I'm definatly up for chomesh tuesday, will jameel finally get to go back?

JoeSettler said...

Sunday & Monday at Liberty Bell Park.

Shows and stuff. Lots of fun.

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