Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Venues and Chmuras

Rounding up some great posts, because they wrote them instead of me.

Ezzie and DovBear converge on Hirhurim's change of venue. My two cents? Not a great idea -- I'll try to discuss it with Ben and see if he gives me any insights I'm lacking. (Good luck to them all regardless)

Fellow settler Yisrael Medad finds more great blog material out there; the latest Chumra for sukkot is: Bug Free Schach. In NYC, the copecods may swim in your water; here we're worried about them falling into your soup! Therefore, you can now buy pre-fumigated schach without the worry that bugs will fall into your food. Unless of course, it first rains, washes off the pesticide, and then the bugs come and nosedive...

Gotta love Israel!

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tnspr569 said...

Bamboo mats could also be used for schach (as is done in Florida), and this would be a non-issue.

Of course, that would cause the chumrah train to run off the tracks, and we can't let that happen!

Anonymous said...

How about if the rain washes the pesticide into the soup? -Jameela

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jameela: Then I guess you'll have to eat your soup in Manilla.

YMedad said...

Jameel, my lad, you've committed a no-no. I am not, but definitely not a "settler". I am a revenant. See here.

Anonymous said...

In miami we use palm branches thankyouverymuch! in new york they use bamboo or other schach..

tnspr569 said...

Umm...yeah, many people in Florida use bamboo, as well. It's much easier, cleaner, and neater. I'll take pictures of the sukkot in my neighborhood that have bamboo, okay? :)

I don't think they'd sell so much of it in the bookstores if bamboo wasn't in demand.

And since when are you from Florida? How was I totally oblivious to this fact?

If you ever end up there, feel free to let me know- I'd be glad to help you out with anything.

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