Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Minutes of Siren

10:00 AM, Holocaust Memorial Day, April 21, 2009
Begin Blvd, Jerusalem
Cars come to a halt, as Sirens Wail throughout the country.

(photo credit: Avital Pinnick)

10:02 AM The air raid sirens around Israel just tapered off. Israel, the country stood silently for 2 minutes to the backdrop of memorial air raid sirens to remember the victims of the Holocaust.

Just months ago the sirens blared daily throughout Southern and South-Central Israel as Palestinian rockets were routinely shot at Israeli communities.

The 2 minute siren wail is a good time to consciously reflect on remembrance for those slaughtered by the Nazis, their supporters and sympathizers.

As I glanced out the window, buses and cars pulled over to stop. People got out of their cars and stood silently.

Even on main highways in Tel-Aviv, people stopped.

Never Again.

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