Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tracking the Libyan Flotilla Ship, July 14 2010

8:32 PM Amalthea is anchored off the El-Arish coast.

3:38 PM Unconfirmed foreign press reports that the boat is now 10-20 nautical miles off of El-Arish.

2:40 PM
At just around 14NM out from El-Arish, it looks like the Amalthea is heading to port there (unless it turns, now that it is within Egyptian territorial waters).

2:28 PM Libyan boat claims to be carrying 2000 tons of aid. Yesterday Israel transferred over 6000 tons of aid.

11:56 AM: Boat still on target to El-Arish, Egypt...

11:30 AM IDF Radio reports that the Libyan ship that was bound for Gaza, has managed to overcome its "technical" problems, restarted its engines, and is continuing to the El-Arish port in Egypt.

IDF Naval warships (and the Muqata blog) are carefully tracking the Libyan ship to ensure it does not attempt to get to Gaza.

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jonathan becker said...

the idea of the muqata blog tracking the ship to ensure it "does not attempt to get to gaza" is pretty ridiculous. still, i appreciate your realtime reporting, as always.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

J becker: Latma provides Hasbara, The Muqata provides intelligence.


Anonymous said...

where are the pictures/maps from?

Anonymous said...

He is getting it from here -

jonathan becker said...

" Latma provides Hasbara, The Muqata provides intelligence"- jameel

and shayetet does the actual "ensuring". :)

Hawkeye said...

What a public service! Kol ha kavod

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