Monday, October 31, 2011

7 Billion Minus Two

IDF Radio reporting this morning that Planet Earth's 7th Billion resident was born earlier today in Manilla, Philippines. More details from The Guardian:
The world's seven billionth baby has been born in a packed government-run hospital in the Philippines.

Weighing 2.5kg (5.5lb), Danica May Camacho was chosen by the United Nations to be one of several children around the world who will symbolically represent the global population milestone.

She was delivered just before midnight on Sunday amid an explosion of press camera flashes at Manila's Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.

"She looks so lovely," her mother, Camille Dalura, whispered softly as she cradled her tiny newborn.

"I can't believe she is the world's seven billionth."
Helping keep the world safe for the rest of us, the IDF reduced the world's population to below the 7 billion mark by eliminating 2 Palestinian terrorists in Gaza who were intent on shooting rockets at Israeli civilians in Southern Israel.
"IAF aircraft attacked a terrorist cell in the southern Gaza Strip which used high-trajectory weapons against Israel," a statement issued by the IDF Spokesperson's Office said.

Palestinian sources in the Strip confirmed that the IDF attacked east of Khan Yunis but initially claimed the cell was not hit. Later, it was confirmed that two members of the Al-Ahrar movement's military wing were killed in the strike.

The Palestinians reported that medical teams found the bodies of two terrorists on Monday morning. "They did not die in vain, the national consensus on the lull won't prevent us from taking revenge and retaliating for these ongoing crimes," the movement said.

Al-Ahrar consists of ex-Fatah men and is partly sponsored by Hamas. (YNET)
I guess we'll hit 7 billion later...and we can hope the IDF keeps taking out the Palestinian terrorists before they manage to launch more attacks on us.

Keep up the good work!

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Elan said...

Jameel, the world has more than 7 billion people. Hundreds of children are born every hour around the world.

You mistake the concept of the 7th billion child: it's just a symbolic thing. The UN selected a baby born this morning at approx. the right time. It's highly improbable that the baby they chose was actually the 7th billion resident of this world.

I advise you to revise your wording. It sounds amateurish to state things so matter-of-factly. Display a healthy disregard for the officiousness of the UN!

Meir Ariel said...


Yori Y. said...

On the other hand, if Israel presented the elimination of Palestinian rocket launchers as a planned parenthood project, to keep down an already crowded population, it might just get UN support. But probably not.

Don't ever revise your wording, Jameel, we like your amateurish style of stating of things.

We're with you in your righteous struggle!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Elan: Obviously it was symbolic...

Yori: Don't ever revise your wording, Jameel, we like your amateurish style of stating of things. That would sound better in Yiddish...sort of like a backhanded compliment with a killer ending.

("May your enemies get a hernia from dancing on your grave" sort of thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hah, ha, ha..
We killed 2 terrorists, so the world has 2 less people.
Oh, ha, ha, ha,
Human life, ha ha, oh wait, that's not so funny.
Of course it's necessary to kill those trying to kill us, but perhaps we shouldn't joke about it.
Jameel, you have changed a lot since you first made Aliyah.
We all change, of course, but maybe you should go back and read some posts from when you first started blogging. Empathy is a very important quality. I understand that our enemies hate us.
But still, your humorous post about a human life born and 2 eliminated is very telling.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...


I have little regard for the life of terrorists?

Yes, you are correct. Go reread about the Fogel family massacre, and how the terrorists there are happy with what they did. Or perhaps the terrorist who were released 2 weeks they are now encouraging Palestinian kids to blow themselves up for Jihad.

I have no empathy for terrorists.

We're much better off when the IDF kills them, than when we catch them, and house them in deluxe prisons with TV, education, and marriage rights....eventually releasing them.

Maybe you should reread the post from last week about Israel's total failure with regards to the Schijveschuurder Family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jameel, you are correct. You can hate terrorists and still not celebrate in killing them. Those are two separate things.
I remember watching a Dirty Harry movie when I was younger and being horrified when the Clint Eastwood character dispatched a villain and then made some witty quip that caused the audience to laugh. Devaluing human life is never a good thing.
One should kill terrorists if necessary, but one should not make clever quips about their death.
That's one of the things that differentiates us from the terrorists, valuing human life.
If you personally had to shoot someone dead, even a murderer, I hope you wouldn't sleep well that night.
You have changed.
Hate is corrosive.

Shmuel said...

Anonymous: One who is merciful to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful.

Lurker said...

Anonymous: I remember watching a Dirty Harry movie when I was younger and being horrified when the Clint Eastwood character dispatched a villain and then made some witty quip that caused the audience to laugh.

Wow, you are so darn progressive and empathetic. We're all duly impressed down here. Thank you so much for allowing a small bit of your enlightened radiance to shine onto our dark, backward souls. And let us all strive for the day when the rest of us can reach your lofty heights of humanistic superiority.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you, Lurker.
Sometimes it's hard to debate someone, because they are well versed in the issues, often more than you are, and it makes it difficult to make your point.
But sometimes you debate someone who makes your point for you.
Thank you for making my task so easy. Now any reasonable person who reads this comment section can read both our comments and draw their own conclusions.

JoeSettler said...

So your argument is that someone who laughed and celebrated at the death of a bad person or terrorist, such as Hitler or Osama bin Laden, was actually doing a bad thing because they weren't showing enough empathy for Hitler or Osama bin Laden.

I'm glad you made your argument clear, so that any reasonable person can draw their own conclusions.

Yori Yanover said...

Confession: I totally rejoice when my enemy falls. I actually derive pleasure from reading tallies of dead enemies in the paper. I think it's because I'm psychologically healthy. In my opinion, once my enemy opened fire on my side's women and children, it's absolutely recommended for my side to kill as many of their women and children as possible. And once the enemy began broadcasting media shows celebrating the killing of my people, I, too, will celebrate the death of my enemy. I also am heartened to see that more and more Israelis have come to accept this simple aspect of emotional and psychological health. That's it, sorry for the iterruption.

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