Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Leftists Mean: Support the Savage

As a looney lefitist in the NY vandalizes approved ads in the subway, under the guise of  "freedom of expression" (while not allowing others to freely express themselves), her message is very clear.

She sides with the savages.  She finds it offensive that Jihad is considered "savage."  Savages are those who murder in the name of Jihad; those that murdered the US Ambassador to Libya are savages, those that attacked the World Trade Center are savages, those that stab to death Israeli infants and blow up buses are savages.  That's Jihad.

See the Jihad Supporter here:

CNN and MSNBC Pundit Mona Eltahawy is a supporter of Savage Jihad.  Her billboard could be easily summed up as follows:

Make sure you know which side you're on.

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Griffin said...

It just strikes me as tantamount to saying: "you can have freedom of speech as long as you only say things that I'm ok with." Kind of like the Ford T-Model color choices of speech.

amyrpk said...

You know, I'm on your side, but honestly, those ads leave me cold. IMO they do not do anything good for Israel or Israel's supporters, and they pretty much smack of racism.

If she (Geller) wanted to post something powerful and meaningful and persuasive, she could've done that. She didn't. She wanted to make noise and didn't care how it sounded. So that's what she did.

Not good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with amy . Least helpful pro Israel ad in the world. It has very strong racist overtones and probably turns more people against Israel than towards it. I dont know how anybody thought an ad using the term savage, which in america has connotations of colonization of the natives, would help israel, a country struging to defend itself from accusations of colonizing natives. Epic hasbara fail.

shloma said...

My wifes brooklyn friend had one question,where did she get those boots?

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