Thursday, March 14, 2013

Halakhik Dog: How to Tell if Garbage is Chametz?

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Bob Miller said...

Truly a work of art!

Critically Observant Jew said...

The allusion is so wrong on so many levels...

Because in reality, there are two dogs...

mmatitya said...

@Critically Observant Jew: I must take issue with your assertion: Actually, there are really three dogs. "Cognitive Dog" sniffs at and analyzes the chametz empirically; while Canis religiosus pants and drools over the inherent philsophical implications; but it is only "Halakhic Dog" who can make the imperfect but concrete categorization of the chametz as edible or inedible.

This will be elaborated upon the eagerly anticipated upcoming sequel, The Lonely Dog of Faith, which will expound upon the further dichotomy between Dog I (or "Majestic Dog"), who manifests his innate creativity by courageously consuming edible chametz; and Dog II (or "Covenental Dog"), who, in his existential loneliness, can only find solace in his friendship with Man.

Furthermore, the apparent contradiction between the roles of the multiple dogs can be elegantly resolved through a standard Brisker chakira between the "cheftza" (the chametz) and the "kalba"...

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