Monday, February 26, 2007


Sorry I've been occupied the past few days...been very busy.

On my mind:

- Orthomom's ongoing legal woes vs. Pamela Greenbaum. This landmark case will have repercussions for the entire Blogosphere and it should concerns us all...(well, for anyone who values any sort of anonymity and free speech.

- Barnard's President would be an excellent member of the Israel's Labor party, with her quote on the Barnard website to alumnae, responding to criticism of giving tenure to a junk-research faux anthropologist:

"I will share with you my concern about communications and letter-writing campaigns orchestrated by people who are not as familiar with Barnard as you are, and who may not be in the best position to judge the matter at hand."
Only those familiar with Barnard are capable of determining if junk research academics can get tenure at Barnard?

-The death of R' Mordechai Breuer z'l. Both Lipman and AMK wrote about it.
Oh yeah...and Purim is coming.
Sooooooon. Very soooon.
Stay tuned :)

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tnspr569 said...

Erm, how about the death of Rabbi Blumenkrantz? Or the murder of Erez Levanon? Or....oh, never mind. Our minds can only handle so much at once. Someone as busy as you already has his head full of thoughts, I'm sure. :-P

Lurker said...

Shapiro's statement is certainly demagogic. But I'm not quite sure that she's up to the lofty levels of the Labor party's Bolshevism. For that, she'd have to drop the part about how she "greatly appreciate[s] your feedback", and replace it with a declaration that any person who questions the procedures and decisions of the Barnard Administration is a "danger to Democracy"...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Shapiro adressed that lette rto Barnard alumnae. It was sort of like she was saying: You got your education here, but we think you're too stupid to read a book and evaluate it.

No wonder so many alumnae are witholding donations.

Anonymous said...

Of course, in hiring Nadia Abu El Haj, Barnard College went out of its way to hire a woman who is documentably not in the best position to judge the matter at hand: Israeli archaeology.

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