Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Morning Video

The above video is being sung by Yisrael Chaim, a young Israeli cancer patient. He recorded this song about his battle with cancer in between chemo sessions, just before his Bar Mitzva not too long ago.

This video was produced by Zichron Menachem, a very worthwhile organization if you are looking to give tzedakka to.

They also accept donations of hair to make into wigs for children, who are undergoing chemo therapy.

When a child in Israel has cancer...

Established in 1990, Zichron Menachem (ZM) is named in memory of Menachem Ehrental, an Israeli boy who battled cancer for over 14 years - from age 18 months until his young death. Drawing on their vast experience as parents of a cancer-stricken child, Menachem's parents, together with family and friends, founded ZM as a non-profit organization aimed at easing the suffering of young cancer patients and their families.

hat-tip: The Bone Crusher.

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elchonon said...

I cant believe your chutzpa! I blogged about this over a month ago! why does he get the h/t ?

Ari Kinsberg said...


i don't know if you are kidding around or not. but if you are serious, you should really delete your comment.

elchonon said...

Jameel knows i'm kidding. I was actually chatting with him when i posted that comment.

As a update, he has gone into remision BH!

Ari Kinsberg said...


i usually enjoy reading (and participating in) a good comments cat fight, but i thought this time it was out of place. glad to see you were kidding around. sorry.

(may it be a refu'ah shelemah)

Jenifer said...

Wow. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

the only way i know said...


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