Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Doing the right thing.

With all the mud-slinging of the upcoming Israeli elections, its always refreshing to take a step back and see the larger picture. Yes, the elections bring out the worst of many people, including the media which loves to tar and feather anyone to the right of Shimon Peres. But once in a while -- you see or hear of something so correct, so perfect, it gives a much needed idealism recharge.

This past shabbat the Muqata family spent the weekend visiting close family in a different West Bank village. We don't see them that often, but immediately noticeable were the haircuts on my 2 oldest nieces, aged around 7 and 10 -- their hair was cut VERY short. They used to have very long hair and "poof" both of them had their hair cut short, almost tomboyishly short.

Their mother told me they came home from school one day and on their own initiative, asked to get short haircuts.

"What's wrong with your long, beautiful hair?" their mother asked.

"Nothing at all...we just want to donate our hair to other kids who have cancer, and have lost their own hair. This way, they can get wigs made out of our hair..."

And they did just that.
When the hairdresser heard that the girls wanted short haircuts so that they could donate their hair, he insisted on cutting their hair for free, since he also wanted a share in the mitzva.

My nieces now have short hair, and some kids with cancer undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy now have wigs so they can feel less self conscious.
...מי כעמך ישראל

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swiftthinker said...

Really really nice. A friend of mine here just grew her hair long intentionally to do the same thing.

StepIma said...

that's really wonderful

Irina Tsukerman said...

That's really, really nice of them.

Jerusalemcop said...

from the mouths of babes....

Great Story Jameel


Saul said...

It is a very nice thing to do. In the US there is an organization that sponsors a free hair cut if you donate your hair. One of my children did this.

Anonymous said...

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RR said...

That's beautiful- their parents must be doing something right.

~ Sarah ~ said...

that is such a nice story! :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

My SIL just asked me to post the information about how to donate hair, in case someone reading this is interested.

I hope to post the info tomorrow when I get it.

When I saw their short hair, and heard the story behind it...I immediately realized I had to share it on my blog.

Chana said...

I gave my hair to Locks of Love.

Did you know they need six to ten ponytails for one wig?

It's a fascinating process. Children with alopecia or cancer truly appreciate it. I received a postcard back from them (not from the specific recipient, but from the group as a whole). It was very sweet.


Rolling hills of green said...

kol hakavod

the sabra said...

ach i have chills. for this alone, moshiach should come.

Lucky Wolf said...

very nice.
if only god would read this and would make the first paragraph of the post history.

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