Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday's Purim Roundup (part 1)

Today's batch of parody blogs is rather bizzarre and stil being updated by the Muqata staff around the globe. Some of these blogs you may not be familiar with, since there are many sub-communities within the jblogosphere.

Remember a parody blog isn't neccessarily funny by itself, but a parody of an existing blog's style and content. More to come tonight....

Purim @ bec's universe -- parodying bec's universe.

why we still live in america.

last year, i heard about this great vacation opportunity. now since phish and i rarely go on vacation, i was very excited when we heard that not only was this a great vacation, but it was virtually free! in fact, we would even get paid to go. This sounded way too good to be true, so i quickly called up to reserve a spot. granted there was a lot of paperwork to fill out for a simple vacation…but to israel? it was a dream come true.

read the rest over here:

Purim @ Israel Perspectives -- parodying

Aliyah - Just Don't Do It

As everyone who knows me knows, I can go on and on for hours about Aliyah, Israel, and overall why it’s such a bad idea for Americans. I can also talk about adultery and certain forbidden feelings I may have at some point expressed to Jameel another blogger, but that is for another post and when I am less busy running for public office (though I don’t know if that might help or hinder my electoral chances) .

Let’s pretend for the moment that I would recommend moving to Israel. Oh I can’t, let’s get real. It’s so much better to visit Israel as a tourist or for business reasons than to actually move here and become a citizen. Who are we kidding?

Find out why Aliya is a bad move:

Purim @ Mevulgan -- parodying Balagan!

Moving Again. Beit Shemesh. Yeah, it's going to be cool.Lots of things happenning and I have to find time to pack and organize. Yeah, this is one more of the reasons I've been on the couch more than usual. Shabbat starts early in winter. Do you rememeber at the supermarket in Jerusalem I got given a rag to wear over my jeans? Yeah, couldn't stand it. Walked out. Made me really mad. Crazy as it sounds I've been thinking about that rag ever since. Was kind of a cool color, y'know? More I thought about it the more I knew I wanted to wear one all the time. So gonna move to a place where I can wear a rag over my jeans and no will will look at me funny. In fact, I knew it would happen, it was just earlier than I initially thought. Can't live in the middle of pure scum. And I also don't have strenghen to fight for it. So I'm leaving. It took me a long time to find an apartament and had many arguments with Mr. Secular, but I didn't care. Doesn't fit me, I'm just going without any dramas and that's it. Therefore next week I'm going to live SHOMER NEGIA, ladies and gentlemen. No more male flatmates to drive me crazy anymore.

Read the rest here:


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