Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Shiurim You'll never see.

Continuing the long line of Shiurim you'll never see, here's another one passed to me on moztei shabbat.

Hat-tip: Muqata Staff Writer's Forum

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Safranit said...

Obviously the person who made this doesn't know their teletubbies...that isn't dipsy it is Po.

Fred said...

No, it's not, it's Rav Aharon Schechter.

not on the first date said...

is Jar-Jar gonna talk about what one does about shabbat when living on a desert planet with two suns???

Or how to keep shabbat on a starship

or perhaps, when is killing Jedi not considered murder

tafka PP said...

That is indeed Po!! Dipsy is green with an afro-carribean complexion.

I'm appalled at such disgusting Kfira.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Safranit and PP: Hello?! It's a purim P-A-R-O-D-Y -- if we had written Po instead of Dipsy, it just wouldn't have been as clever, now would it?

NOTFD: What you mentioned were Halachik issues -- this is about "hashkafa" -- Jewish Philosophical isses. For example; On a desert planet with 2 suns, can one still be a comitted Jew and believe that the universe was created in more than 6 days? If one is on a starship travelling faster than the speed of light, and one finishes learning a gemara before they started learning it; does one still receive the same merit as if they had studied it on planet earth...and did things in the usual order?

not on the first date said...


thanks for the correction


tafka PP said...

Pah- you can't placate me with the "parody" comeback. But its OK. I'm calmer now.

Very funny poster tho.

Pinchas Floyd said...

that's po according to my little expert

having not known po from dipsy, it was just as funny to me

she, however, is writing a letter of complaint

i cant wait for this! when do you get to see grover live for less than $50?

StepIma said...

this made me laugh out loud ...

and then the comments just made it even better

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