Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Purim @ Mar Gavriel's

Shabba^tho^e Evening

Friday evening: 6:02:53:4I had decided to davenen (or should that be davenin? - Lipman what do you say?) arvith^o with the olam at Ohab` Ztzted'ek'. Arvith^o started at 6:20pm, which meant that I had 17 minutes, 7 seconds and 6/10th of a second to walk there from my apartment. However, by the time I had finished that thought, the time had changed, and now I only had 17 minutes, 6 seconds and 2/10th of a second to walk. But then I realized that the time had changed again! This could go on forever has wesholōm, so I decided for once not to worry so much and just leave the apartment already.

Try to decipher the rest here:

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