Monday, March 13, 2006

Purim @ Soccer Dad's

Who's your Soccer Daddy parodying Soccer Dad

With something like a 2-1,348 record as coach of my children's soccer teams why do I do it? Because it’s a great way to meet cute Soccer Moms! (Shhhh!)

Check out it out here:

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Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

please add my purim parody blog
I ssupect Jackshack wrote it-it really is first class

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

I am telling everyone this funny story.
A few years ago I received a mishloah manos with a Jerusalem kugel. It was in an aluminium pan. It was half eaten and had fork marks in the pan and it was a little burned on the bottom-I had been given somebody's shabes leftovers!
This ain'tno joke, this is the truth. I couldn't believe it.

DatingMistressJerusalem said...

It ain't no parody honey, it's the truth. You know I wrote it. Why are you so afraid to ask your me, your wife, a simple question. I'll give you your seven minutes to get the question out (It doesn't take you longer to get anything else out except the fruit).

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