Monday, March 20, 2006

The Return of Jameel

I'm back!

And what an interesting 2 days it was (Sunday/Monday) MDA Ambulance Driver/Senior EMT course at a hotel in the Jerusalem hills.

Besides the general review of anatomy, physiology, pathology, trauma and different cardio/respiratory/cardiovascular illnesses, we also practiced real life ambulance-type scenarios where a team of 3 goes out of the room, the instructor picks a person to be the victim, picks another 1 or 2 volunteers to be the hysterical spouse or siblings or relatives or neighbors to make our lives as difficult as possible, (the screaming, knife-throwing wife was rather scary), and then we have to deal with the scenario as effectively as possible....

We also practiced giving saline infusions to each other...which was rather painful. Of all the MDA EMT techniques I've had to do this is the only one I never had to do on a patient and therefore had the least practice with. I've had my share of CPR, trauma, car accidents, illnesses and the like, but I never had to give an infusion to anyone so I'm glad I got to practice today.

And then...the weirdest story occurred (with some minor modifications to protect the guilty). While talking to one of the senior EMT's who I've never met before, we started playing Jewish Geography.

He threw out a name and got a hit...I threw out a name and got a hit. We were pretty proud of ourselves.

My turn...I throw out the name of a blogger I know of who's sister lives in the same town as him, even though I don't really know the sister...and don't know the blogger that well either.

This was sort of like a weak softball lob that's not that serious to begin with. Little did I realize what I was getting myself into.

The anonymous blogger I was thinking of is one the dozens and dozens I've met in the virtual JBlogopshere and have been in touch with over the past 6 months.

The EMT and I are walking down the hall, who suddenly he stops in his tracks and stares at me. He says, "the person you know...his name is (lets use the generic name ...Fred) didn't I realize it're so much like him!!"

"Huh? How am I like him?" I stammered.

He replied, "Well, for starters, you sort of look like him, but more than that, your mannerisms, your body language, the animated look you have when you describe things...there's an uncanny resemblance between you and Fred..."

All of a sudden, another person from the same town walks into the hall only hearing the last word of the above sentence, "Fred." He looks at me, and says, "'re just like you know him?"

I'm stunned.

He noted my shock and commented, "I hope you're not offended by the comparison...its just the resemblance is so uncanny..."

Now, these people don't know I blog at all...I don't think they know that "Fred" blogs at all, and yet, they made this totally strange connection between me and "Fred."

And based on WHAT?

We both blog, but they don't know that...they just found this uncanny comparison...

I wonder if I can assume the mannerisms of other bloggers around the planet?

Is this some sort of super-power I can use for the good of mankind? Or at least make some extra money from?

Or help someone make aliya?

This is definitely something to ponder.

And to my soul brother blogger out there -- I wasn't offended by the comparison, and I hope you aren't either....but it was still rather freaky!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


G Green said...

So much for the great suspense - did you tell the other blogger? The Jewish world is a lot smaller with the blogosphere and Jewish geography even easier - shame that The Muqata is not as accessible!

Rafi G. said...

welcome home

JoeSettler said...

Does Fred play Jewish Geography with everyone he meets?

StepIma said...

Are you sure you're not Fred?

Unknown said...

Weird! Though of the bloggers I've met, I've noticed that some are very similar while others were not even close. They have all been similar to what I expected, however...

Mike Miller said...

Better to be mistaken for Fred than Phred (Wikipedia, official)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

G: Green: I told the other blogger...

Rafi: Thanks!

Joe: I don't think so...

StepIma: Definitely not Fred. I even looked in the mirror.

Ezzie: I dont know...I wonder if people that meet me think I meet their expectations.

Mike: Better Fred than Dead.

Jerusalemcop said...

(replace markinson with fred)

Kaffee: Did you talk to your friend at the NIS?
Lt. Weinberg: Yeah, he said if Markinson doesn't want to be found, we're not gonna find him. He said I could be Markinson and you wouldn't even know.
Kaffee: Are you Markinson?
Lt. Weinberg: No.
Kaffee: I'm not Markinson... that's two.

sounds similar

glad you had fun.


the sabra said...

hehe jcop

jameel-whats the big deal? whats so freaky/weird about that?

SoupduJourandMore said...

a.) Assuming that "you" rec'd a saline infusion; Your body chem. was altered. That change would include your, and peers', now clairvoyant brains. One example: Your circulatory sys. carried more oxygen, or less oxygen, or different form oxygen, after the saline introduction. Distinct transit. (OXYGEN)

b.) Do you find yourself having lunch in a cafe, with other EMT's, just before a vehicle crash near the cafe? (read: You're there before the event and people are amazed at how quickly you and team arrive..)

c.) I was just in the kitchen. The stove clock read 5:55AM. The radio clock read 5:50AM. That's a total of five fives. What should I do?

(Suggestion: Ask the knife throwing wife to help. Especially with infusions, she's a natural.)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Soup of the day person:

1. .9% Sodium Chloride

2. I never had a an incident near a cafe, but many times was the first responder to a car crash, where I arrived seconds after the crash (and even had other EMT's with me in the car).

3. What should you do with five 5's? Go to the early minyan? Is this a trick question?

How will the knife throwing wife help with answering the Five fives question?

JJ said...

It's a small Jewish world after all.... It's so true!

You know, I didn't realize you EMTs had to deal with crazed family members! It makes sense, but I never thought about that. I assumed you go in, do your wonderful work, and that's it.

Any horror stories?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

RR: There are so many problems for EMTs...starting with the patients themselves. If they are suffering from hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) they can involuntarily act violently and irrational.

Cases of domestic violence are bad...Going to a school to treat a violent teenager who was in the middle of a drug induced craze...people screaming at you during a car accident that you aren't doing enough to get them out of a car...

One of the test cases on my EMT exam was going into a house to help someone who was shot by her husband. According to protocol, you don't enter a dangerous situation like that without the police going in first. Personal safety is always the first concern (and that of the ambulance crew).

Last story for now: A woman in Elad didn't have time to make it to the hospital, and gave birth at home. The MDA ambulance crew delivered a healthy baby. A week later, the woman SUED Magen David Adom...for the cost of replacing her bed's mattress which was "ruined" as a result of her giving birth and she blamed MDA for it.

As my wife says - "no good deed ever goes unpunished"

Batya said...

So, is blogging genetic? I don't think any of my relatives blog, though my husband does, and our kids don't...

JJ said...

I think in the US (certain cities, at least), the police are ALWAYS called whenever an ambulance goes out. My father collapsed several months ago due to a bad bout of pneumonia and a few minutes after the ambulance got there, a police car showed up. We asked what he was doing there and he said it's standard procedure whenever an ambulance is called.

And that litigious woman has got some nerve!!! "No good deed..." indeed!

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