Thursday, March 23, 2006

Can you "out" the Purim Spoofers?

After spending way too much time this evening on the official list of "who spoofed who" during the first annual JBlogosphere Purim Parody Festival, I was convinced to hold off on posting the list, and ask you, the JBlogosphere, if you can guess and "out" who you think did each parody...

The entire list of Purim blogsites is on the Muqata Purim blogroll to your right.

Guess ten correctly out of the whole list, and you'll win a picture of me, Jameel, dressed up in my pre-purim costume (definitely going to be a big seller on ebay...and it has NOT been digitally modified by Photoshop)

In any event - I'm posting the whole list of spoofers (those that won't mind getting credit) on Thursday afternoon, Israel Time.

Good Luck!

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FrumGirl said...

You mean we have to hold our breathe till then?

Unknown said...

Do we do this by email?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

FrumGirl: Sure! What's one more day :)

Ezzie; e-mail...or you can post in comments...

Good Luck! (This offer is extremely limited in nature...and the picture will probably never be offered again to the public...i can't even believe I'm making this offer!!!)

Anonymous said...


Here's what I think:

Cross Currents spoof - DovBear

Code Scraper - Batya Medad (Shiloh Musings)

Mirty spoof - Ruach Memalah or Sweet Rose

DovBear said...

Cross Currents: Mirty :P
Godol Hador: OrthoMom
OrthoMom: Ren Reb
DovBear: Ezzie
Ezzie: Mar Gavriel
Steg: Lipman
Lipman: Steg
Mar Gavriel: GH
Treppenwitz: PsychoToddler
PsychoToddler: Treppenwirz
Ren Reb: OrthoMom
Mirty: Batya

Jack Steiner said...

Mirty spoofed me.

Anonymous said...

I feel so vulnerable now.

bec said...

i'd venture a guess or two, but i'm not sure the prize is worth it.

Yitzchak Goodman said...

Mirty spoofed me.

Either her or Arianna Huffington.

Elder of Ziyon said...

I'm no good at this but I am sure that Elie spoofed Soccer Dad.

Charlie Hall said...

I only got spoofed by a student where I teach.

StepIma said...

Jack's Shack - Stacey (Stacey's Shmatta)
RenReb - Shifra
DovBear - Ezzie
Ezzie - DovBear
Godol Hador - Godol Hador
DatingMistress Jerusalem - Toby Katz

Air Time said...

Tripinwitz by Elliot Cahan
Ren Reb by Dov Bear
OlehGirl by She
Jameel by Joe Settler
Gadol HaDor by Krum
Krum by Orthomom
Jacks Shack by Mirty
Dov Bear by Ezzie
Becs World by WestBankMama
Ask Shifra by Jameel

Phillip Minden said...

air time,

you should get an extra Jameel pic for stating "by".

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Lipman: I'll keep that in mind ;-)

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