Thursday, March 09, 2006

Purim @ The Muqata @ The Muqata

I guess it had to happen -- the parody of the Muqata.
Thanks! --Jameel

Scandalous JBlog Behaviour

When a J-Blogger tells another J-Blogger they love them… and the police are listening in

Yes, it happened to me last week (again!)

I'm happily married...and the other blogger is ALSO married (I’m pretty sure happily as well).

We're both religiously observant, Orthodox Jews.

We're both…male.

And then...out of the blue...on the phone, he says to me..."Love you."

And then…before I could say a word, a cop listening in says… “Yo amor la muchacha! Donde es la muchacha?!”

See the rest of the Muqata Purim Edition here:


Dating Mistress, Jerusalem said...

Sounds like Brokeback Muqata to me.

yitz said...

Best one so far! Luvvvved the Sukkos parody... :)

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