Monday, March 06, 2006

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Ezzie's Blog Roundup 3/6: For The Love Of The Game

Today's Monday, which means that "Deal or No Deal" is on TV tonight. I'm very excited for the show, although I think it would be more realistic if the prizes were a little better.

Here's the description of the show from Wikipedia about the show for those of you who don't know:

The basic format of Deal or No Deal consists of a number of cases (usually 26) each containing a different amount of money. Not knowing the sum of money in each case, the contestant picks one case at random which potentially contains the contestant's prize. They then open the remaining cases, one by one, revealing the money they contained. At pre-determined intervals the contestant receives an offer from the bank to purchase the originally chosen case from the contestant, the offer being based on the potential value of the contestant's case. The contestant must then decide whether to take the deal from the bank, or to continue opening briefcases. If they decide not to take the deal and reveal low values then the next bank offer is likely to be higher (as the contestant's case is proven not to contain these low values). Alternatively they risk revealing higher values, lowering future offers from the bank.
The format of Deal or No Deal varies in each country. In the UK, for example, contestants choose from 22 boxes rather than 26 briefcases.
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Ezzie said...

It even loads slowly!! Great job, anonymous parodier person!

Purim Ezzie said...

I do my best.

westbankmama said...

These are great - when is the Muqata's turn?

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