Friday, March 10, 2006

Purim @ Chardal's

OK...its 3:00 in the freaking morning. I've been working on blog templates since 11. I NEEEED to go to sleep. But...had to post this one. Just one more...just one more. We have about 6 more blogs which I hope to post on motzei shabbat or sunday.

Please note, the following parody (IMHO) are NOT mean spirited. The point of these parodies is to accentuate and exaggerate, but NOT to offend. Happy Purim.

Shabbat Shalom!


The Muqata, Inc.

DovBearism in the news

The headline on jpost reads "DovBear doesn't rule out meeting Hamas during visit"

And in my previous post I quoted R-v K--k as saying that DovBearism was only about self-annihilation.

[UPDATE: I am NOT saying DovBear supports terror... OK, maybe I am.]

Read what some posted as a parody of chardal over here:


chardal said...

This is out of date.

Dovbear and I have patched things up a long time ago. We now handle our differences the same way I handle those members of my family who vote for meretz.

We start talking about the weather, we skip Israeli politics and move straight to bashing GWB. :lol:

tafka PP said...

The Muqata.Inc?

You might need to speak to the real owners!

daat y said...

you meant NOT to offend.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TAFKAPP: Sorry, we own it now.

They forgot to renew the rights to the name...


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