Sunday, March 05, 2006

JBlogosphere Purim Parodies!

UPDATE: Since this was posted yesterday afternoon (Israel time), different Muqata volunteers have been laboring around the clock creating actual blogs...for the parodied content. One could say this is a classic example of cutting down digital trees for purim publishing, but the blogs look too good!

I'll have a Purim Parody blogroll up later...since, you'll have to check back at the parodies. Some have already been updated with more!

However, if you go to a comdedy club and see a performance, its considered tactful to applaud. Why don't you put some comments on the parodied blogs so the authors feel good about themselves? They put alot of effort into this for YOUR enjoyment ;-)
More blogs coming soon today.

With over 25 blogs registered to be parodied, (and the list keeps growing), come back every day to read what new blogs are being parodied in the JBlogosphere Purim Parody Festival! Starting today through Purim...coming soon!

A few notes:

1. The blogger who does the parody can remain ANONYMOUS if they wish! Guess the blogger in the comments section, and we'll give you a special limited edition "I guessed the Parody Blogger" graphic. Maybe even something more tangible...

2. If you haven't registered to parody a blog - its not too late to chose one :)

Adar Sameach!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Dave said...

Nice idea!

Just one suggestion - why not have the parodies appear on the creators' own blogs, so they benefit from traffic?

Your blog could act as a central point to access all the parodies (since it was your idea)...but the parodies themselves could appear on the creators' blogs.

If someone wants to be anonymous, then you could run that parody on your blog.

What does everyone say? I am assuming the parody bloggers out there would like some traffic out of this, but maybe I am wrong.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Dave -

I'll let the bloggers decide - I'm not traffic starved.

Some thought it would be fun for people to decide who did the it would require an anonymous posting (here).

As I wrote, I'm open to suggestions....its all for the sake of purim fun anyway.


Pinchas Floyd said...

mr. rashid,

what do you think about the idea of each blogger disguising their own blog temporarily as the parodied blog?
this would only require changing the "about me" profile part, the description & title up top and making a post or two (or three?) as the parodied blogger.
after a couple of days, people could simply change their profiles and titles back.
you could post fake links to the parodeed blog that would actually go to the parodier.
or something something.

-mr. aliyah

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...


Yael K said...

Jameel, this is so much FUN. Thank you!!

PsychoToddler said...

Isn't anybody going to make fun of me??


Do I have to do everything myself??



Man. Today was totally FUBAR. I ran into Neanderthal Dude, and then he threatened to sue me.

So my kid is cute but insane. But that's OK because there's like 5 more where she came from. Oops, forgot about Caramel, she's in college in NY. Did I mention how expensive that is? (YESSSS!!!)

Cripe, that Dr. Barley keeps IM'ing me. I'll show him. I'll post all of his IM logs. Especially those ones of him and Mrs. Baalhabayis.


Crap! Mrs. Baalhabayis found my IM log with Dr. Barley and NOW SHE'S TRYING TO KILL ME.

Wait, what's that sound?


Subway Sally said...

Trying to keep from cracking up at the office. :) Mark/PT, the parodists are going to have a tough time topping your self-parody. I'd be rolling on the floor laughing my head off if I didn't think I'd get fired for such unbusinesslike behavior.

Kamagra said...

What does everyone say? I am assuming the parody bloggers out there would like some traffic out of this, but maybe I am wrong. but i think that there are a lot of view points so, i would like to know your opinions.

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