Thursday, March 09, 2006

Purim @ Lipman's

Ashkenazic Trop

As many people asked me about the Ashkenazzi1 trop2 for the megillelaayen3, I recorded some samples. For this purpose, I confined myself to minneg Basel, which is basically minneg Elzas with some Southern German influences.

Here's a Paschto, for instance.

Here's a Pozer, and related, a nice Shalsheles.

The well known Sôf posuk.

And finally, a whole posuk.

Pay attention to the nice distribution of rôles between chazzen (narrator) and chazzen sheini (Esther).

1. That is, Yekkish. (back to text)
2. In Hybhrit: Tamea mikra. (back to text)
3. That is, leyning of the megille. (back to text)

For your liturgical pleasure -- see the rest here:

1 comment:

Sabzi Aash said...

LOLOLOLOL I think I'm going to convert to minneg Basel.

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