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1929 Continued

“1929 Continued”
(Credit for that line goes to Jameel who is still smarting from being recently plagiarized by someone with a lot more readers than him, so I just want to make sure he gets credit where credit is due for the title of this post).

A question I have been asked, and have been asking others in return following the Arab Yom Kippur riots (pogrom?) in Akko, is quite simple, “Is this simply a race war, or is it the beginning of the upcoming Israeli-Arab intifada?“

I don’t have an answer and only time will tell us which one it will turn out to be, but Jameel made an interesting comment, and merely described it as “1929 continued” ©.

We didn’t have time to get into this discussion in depth, but as I think I understood him, there is no difference between the various Arab intifadas, the riots in Akko, (the attack on Yitzhar,) and the Hebron massacre in 1929 - all are extensions of the same event and from the same source.

What do you think?

By the way, since Yom Kippur the Arabs have the volume on the muezzins turned on super high.

UPDATE: As not all readers are familiar with the time line or sequence of events, the Jerusalem Post has an editorial which details the events of the past few days.

Some points that were clarified are as follows:
1. Up to 2000 Arabs streamed into the Jewish section of the town during Yom Kippur (not 500 as originally thought). That's nearly 15% of the local Arab population that was rioting.
2. Another Arab (apparently not in the car) is the one who called up the local sheikh, who then broadcasted over the mosque's loudspeaker that the Jews were attacking, calling out the Arabs to attack the Jews.
3. The police claim that the Arab driver was drunk.
4. The Arab riots only ended on Thursday morning.
5. The Jews only began to riot back on Thursday evening after the fast.

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JoeSettler said...

Based on the series of events going on around the country, I'd say things are poised to spread.

devorah said...

1929... I keep hearing that year mentioned.... but in connection with the Great Depression... which we are about to re-experience.

Commenter Abbi said...

Huh? This whole thing started when an Arab drove on YK. Insensitive, yes, but I'd hardly call it a pogrom. According to Jpost, Jews are doing a good deal of the torching (of Arab houses). How is that similar to the 1929 riots? Or even Yitzhar for that matter?

Sorry, I think this is yet another example of your hyperbolic fearmongering.

JoeSettler said...

abbi, do you not listen to the same news as the rest of the country?

An Arab driver drove through the Jewish section of the town Y"K night with music blasting. Police said at one point they believe the driver may have even been drunk (!) (but that hasn't been repeated, so it may be unlikely).

He was confronted by the Jewish residents who told him to leave, he refused. They all got into a fight.

The Arabs from the neighboring neighborhoods heard about it (presumably from the driver's cellphone call) and 500 Arabs came streaming into the Jewish section (some armed with axes) and attacked hundreds of cars and stores (and people). source.

Cars in the Jewish section were flipped and burned.

It was reported that the Arabs used loudspeaker in the muezzin to call all the Arabs out there, and calls of "Itbach el-Yahud" from the hundreds of rioters were heard.

The Jewish residents were reported as being afraid to go outside to prayers in the morning.


It was only the next day/evening that the Jews struck back in the Arab neighborhoods.

But on Y"K evening it was only the Arabs going into the Jewish neighborhoods, and the police are saying the driver who started it all, was definitely there to instigate.

As for the word "Pogrom", that word was used by various national political leaders in this country, and "Cristalnacht" was used by the local Jewish residents who found all their shop window smashed and unable to go outside to go to synagogue on Yom Kippur.

As for "1929 Continued" (C), that phrase was coined by Jameel.

BTW: You should read my post on my blog about the Arabs the IDF caught yesterday destroying their fellow Arab's olive fields in yet another attempt to blame the residents of Yitzhar.

You won't be reading about in the newspapers you normally read.

JoeSettler said...

Actually, the Yitzhar story was just picked up by the JP. So you can read it here too.

It happened right after the infiltration attempt into Har Bracha and another stream of Arab attacks over the Shabbat.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Abbi: Makor Rishon had a very clear report detailing what happened...and the Arabs mob smashed every single car and jewish owned store front window on one of the main streets in East Akko.

Will translate much of it later.

Commenter Abbi said...

I don't deny that there is violence but I don't see the comparison to 1929. Jews and Arabs are equally trashing each other. What news do you listen to? I'm just going by what jpost reported last night. This morning Ynet is blaming it on a gang of Jewish inciters. So, I'm sorry, but I still don't buy the 1929 comparison.

As for the additional detail the the Arab driver was blasting music- unless he mowed down some people, I don't see how this was an incitement to violence. Yes it was insensitive, no it did not deserve to start a fight a riot or whatever.

The issue here was the weakness of the police action.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Abbi: How can you say that Jews and Arabs were equally trashing others?

The Arab mob, unprovoked smashed dozens of storefront windows and cars on Yom Kippur. The Jews only retalizted on motzei Yom Kippur, in light of the police doing absolutely nothing. When your neighborhood gets trashed by a bunch of anti-semites (and the Arab mob's actions on Yom Kippur were nothing less than anti-semitic and anti-Zionist), I cannot say that I blame the Jews at all -- and their reaction was far tamer.

YMedad said...

One observation: while our younger, less-than-disciplined generation may think that this is another aspect of the inability of the "Jewish State" to rule, I still think one should give thought to the fact that in the end there were police (and more Jewish police than on YK itself) and for anyone who has experienced anti-Jewish riot, large or small in Galut, or can imagine Arabs riots in 1920, 1921, 1929, 1933, 1936-39 here in Mandate Palestine or read about them or can imagine them, knows how grateful we need be that there is indeed a Jewish state, failings and inadequacies and all.

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