Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog "kills" Mossad Spy Chief

The anti-Israel "Filkka Blog" (authored in Jordan or perhaps Lebanon) has created something of a news sensation which was covered by Iranian and Jordanian media outlets for the past few days.

They reported that Meir Dagan, Chief of Israel's Mossad Spy Agency was assasinated in Amman, Jordan this past Sunday in a traffic "accident" between Dagan's car and a gasoline tanker truck on the Amman Airport highway -- in retaliation for the assasination of Hizbollah intelligence office, Imad Mughniyah on February 12, 2008 by a car bomb blast in the Kfar Suseh neighborhood of Damascus, Syria.

Israel Government sources report (much to Iran's dismay) that Meir Dagan is alive and well, and the entire story is a fabrication.

Try to figure the whole story out from the Google "Arabic to English" translation of the blog, here

Wishing Meir Dagan a long, healthy life and many more years of protecting the Jewish people in their homeland.

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Anonymous said...

Meir Dagan is great!

Lurker said...

As DebkaFile says, "Meir Dagan would need to make an appearance in person to dispel the rumors".

He could then use Mark Twain's famous quote: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated".

Kae Gregory said...

Yes, health and a long life - and congratulations on Nasrallah's intestinal discomfort.

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