Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Jewish?

Rumors are flying high on the internet that Sarah Palin is Jewish.

While she looks like a nice frum girl in this picture (except for the seatbelt), the rumors are probably quite false.

Sarah Palin: MoT? Unlikely.

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Jack said...

MOT or not, she killed a lot of votes.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

And she killed Bullwinkle as well.

Michael Sedley said...

First that I've heard of these Rumors, and find it hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously.

Is there a source for the rumor?

BTW - don't know why she's "killed a lot of votes", she has strong family values that appeal to members of the Orthodox community.

She does seem a little clueless on Foreign policy (even though her heart is in the right place). Could be worse, she could be clueless, running for President (not VP), and surround herself with anti-Israel advisors (both spiritual and policy)

mother in israel said...

Can't be, look the untzniusdik way she strapped on her seat belt.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not she is actually Jewish, Sarah Palin is soooooooo not Jewish- all that hunting, yebetcha business.

The Guardian Sounds Jewish podcast deals with this quite amusingly about 13 minutes in.

Yellow Boy

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

MoI: Joe wrote that in the post! While she looks like a nice frum girl in this picture (except for the seatbelt)

YB: Come on, Jews not hunting is a galut thing where Jews couldn't own weapons. You do have a point on "Yebetchya" -- even Jacky Mason cant convince us on that one.

Michael: The internet is all about rumors :-) And thats why the Muqata blog is here to dispell them, once and for all! (Even if Palin did kill Bullwinkle)

tafka pp said...

< restraining myself to withhold such a perfect and timely comeback to your Jews/Guns comment to Yellow Boy...yet I'm restraining, restraining...aaagh >

JoeSettler said...

First of all, plenty of Jews in the US own guns. Not every Jew is voting Obama.

Second, Palin was a great move on McCain's part. It certainly gave a shock to Obama. He can't even attack her for lack of experience, as she has more than him (after all, more than half his time in the Senate has been spent on campaigning).

Finally, Palin got McCain lots of votes, and tons of free publicity on SNL. You can't beat that.

JoeSettler said...

Michael: Was that a hidden reference to Obama?

Anonymous said...

This is completely false --

Ahuva said...

false or not you cannot deny the amount of religious woman who will be walking around with Palin sheitels- there must be something Jewish deep down in there

Devorah said...

It's very strange, because I did the "wikipedia" thing a few weeks ago - looking for Sarah Palin Jewish - and guess what... it said she was Jewish and showed her mother was Jewish etc..... And now it's been changed.
So something's up and it's been edited.
I clearly remember that I went away thinking "oh she's Jewish...."

And now it's gone.
I'll try and find an old version with the Jewish bits and get back to you.

Devorah said...

Yes she's Jewish but it's been edited out of Wikipedia.

Might be an idea to blog that article just in case that disappears as well.

I wonder why the Republicans want to remove the Jewish tag from Sarah? Deleting wikipedia entries etc.

kurkevan said...

anyone can put any nonsense into wikipedia. this whole "palin jewish" business was apparently started by some white extremist sites, and it spread to other places which just copied and pasted the nonsense. Follow the link above and you will see how preposterous the whole thing is.

chardal said...

>YB: Come on, Jews not hunting is a galut thing where Jews couldn't own weapons.

Not so pashut at all according to the nodah beYehuda:

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Chardal: Thanks for the link. The most interesting line for me was, "Again he says that for livelihood one may take certain risks but only in situations that demand it and not for sport."

What would the Nodah BYehuda say about extreme sports of today, let alone full contact body sports like football...or hockey? Skydiving? Skiing? Scuba Diving?

Statistically speaking, its far more dangerous to get into a car in Israel to drive anywhere...than to go hunting.

For the record, I don't go hunting for sport. (And I expressed sadness at the assassination of Bullwinkle)

tnspr569 said...

Not Bullwinkle!!!

Yet another reason to vote for Cookie Monster.

Cookie for President!

Lurker said...

Jameel: And I expressed sadness at the assassination of Bullwinkle

Right. You're just saying that so the Shaba"k doesn't come and arrest you on suspicion of having been happy about it.

frumsatire said...

Hey Jameel I wrote about this a while ago and and have since gotten 60 comments with some interesting ones with all sorts of claims. In fact type in Sarah Palin Jewish and you get me.

I think its one of those classic "lets see what we can dig up" cases.

Anonymous said...

I hear she's black, too.

SuperRaizy said...


Jack said...

BTW - don't know why she's "killed a lot of votes", she has strong family values that appeal to members of the Orthodox community.

Because many people don't believe that she really has family values. She is practically abandoning her pregnant daughter and special needs son so that she can be V.P.

And that doesn't take into account her other children.

She is a mess and a menace. She doesn't need to be VP. She needs to be a mother.

Robertcw72 said...

Oh brother Jack,

Such a double standard! No one every says a father should stay home and raise his kids.

ali awan said...

lovely smile

Sophie Golden said...

I was wondering the same, is she or isn't she jewish ;) now I'm ok :)))))))

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