Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Livni Redux

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There's nothing like idiotic comments from Tzipi Livni to provide good fodder for this blog.

The Original Livni Statement:
"Whoever claims that we must cease negotiations should be straight with themselves and explain how that would end terror."

The Obvious Intelligent Rejoinder:
"Whoever claims that we must continue negotiations should be straight with themselves and explain how that would end terror."

The Original Livni Statement:
"Only if we fight terror on the one hand, and conduct peace negotiations on the other, will we come to a final settlement"

The Real (and idiotic) Original Statement:
"We will fight terror as if there is no peace; and pursue peace as if there were no terror."

(Sounded stupid when he said it too).

The Original Livni Statement:
"Israel cannot allow terrorism to be used as an excuse to end negotiations, just like the Palestinians cannot use IDF operations in the Gaza Strip as an excuse to freeze the diplomatic process. "

"IDF operations to end terror attacks are morally equivalent to PA sponsored terrorism."

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edel67 said...

Just like Ben Gurion - "we will fight the British like there are no Nazis, and we will fight the Nazis like there is no British". And ofcourse he did neither... :-)

JoeSettler said...

Did he really say that?

Gee a Moron said...

The quote attributed to Ben Gurion is something like:

"We will fight the war as if there were no White Paper, and we will fight the White Paper as if there were no war."

The article on Ben Gurion in Wikipedia cals this "unsourced".

edel67 said...

Yes, that's what they taught us in high school. At the time, I thought that is so smart and inspiring.

Now that I am a man of experience and I understand things a little bit better, I realize what an idiocy it was. It meant that "de facto" they accepted the lock down on Jewish immigration to Eretz Israel. We all know the tragic results of that.

One of my favorite authors always said - you cannot be "a little bit pregnant". Either you are or not.

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