Thursday, December 14, 2006

There are some things money can't buy.

Home in the five towns: $600,000

A Yeshiva Education for 4 kids through college in the US: $800,000

Your kids able grow olives, press them into oil to use for lighting their own menora, and spinning a dreidle which says "A Great Miracle Happened Here" -- IN ERETZ YISRAEL:


Money can buy alot...but for the authentic
Jewish Educational and Religious Experience
(for your kids and yourself)
it's only here
living in Israel.

A Happy Chanuka to all!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Lion of Zion said...

$600,000 in 5 towns?

i think you forgot a 1 before that number

aside from cheaper schooling (the housing is not a fare comparison because while cheaper in israel, you get a vastly inferior unit), i still don't understand how ppl get by in israel. everything else is costs twice as much and you will probably make half as much as in the us.

Unknown said...

Oh boy. Someone is going to yell at you for this one... :)

:::munches popcorn:::

Anonymous said...

Ari, things do not cost twice as much. You can go on Nefesh bNefesh or other aliyah yahoo groups to find out that things at MOST, cost the same as in the US (groceries probably), but most things are substantially cheaper...


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ari: I got the 600K figure for the house off a Lawrence real estate website...the number is real (and the pic ;-)

But you are correct...Israel is the land of miracles. I'll have to post about that as well sometime...

Almost Jerusalem said...

The only thing that really costs twice as much is cars (and then that is only because of the 100% tax...), and maybe some imported specialty products that you really don't need (or can get local equivalents for much cheaper).

Anyway, seeing one's kid in gan (kindergarten to those of you b'chul) sing about the Macabees and the yavanim (Greeks) in Hebrew, and then build a Bet haMikdash out of blocks, and spin around like a dreidel, truly is priceless!

Thanks for the post...


Sarah Likes Green said...

happy chanukah!
good post :)

Anonymous said...

Diden't someone recently tell me he gets taxed about 50%

And lets face it, if something seems to cost less when converted to dollars, it would probably take an Israeli twice as much time to earn it then it does in America.

Anonymous said...

BTW, a house like that pictured above would cost over a million dollars here in LA in a Jewish community.

JoeSettler said...

Local Food Products vs Imported:

-Meat from the Golan is better than meat from South America.
-Coke tastes better in Israel (it certainly tastes different in America).
-Nothing beat Hellmanns Mayo.
-Hot Dogs from America beat Israel's hands down - no contest.
-But corned beef from Maadaney Habirah (in Sanhedria) matches any corned beef from America.

Happy Chanukah

Lion of Zion said...

joe settler,

and what about israeli falafel? (and as far as i am concerned, as per mevaseretzion above, this is the only bargain in israel)

Lion of Zion said...

joe settler,

"Coke tastes better in Israel"

you can actually drink kinly in the coke museum in atlanta.

and for one more instance of israel in america (sorry jameel): the metrocard vendor in my local subway station (kings highway) has an option for hebrew prompts

westbankmama said...

Great Jameel!

kasamba said...

Now I'm jealous....

Anonymous said...

jameel'and also really low cost health insurance.

JJ said...

Love this post!

Anonymous said...

The chazal say that it is easier to grow an entire orchard of olive trees in the galil than to raise one child in Eretz Israel (ie, it is very hard to raise kids in Israel). (From Breishit Rabba)

בנים, זה צער גידול בנים, א"ר אליעזר בר"ש נוח לו לאדם לגדל לגיון אחד משל זיתים בגליל, ולא לגדל תינוק אחד בארץ ישראל.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the single greatest post I have ever seen.

I will be posting this all over the place.

G-d bless you Jameel.

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