Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Electromagnetic Terror Attack against Israel

After reporting about the intentional signal disturbance directed against Israel's Digital Satellite TV company, YES -- Israel's Globes Newspaper reports in English...Ron Eilon CEO of YES said the following:

"We're not shooting in the dark, and we know what the source of the disruption is. It is outside Israel's territorial waters. We know the identity of the party in question but I can't disclose it. All the rest is speculation: Russians, Dutch, Germans," Eilon said in response to media reports that a Russian ship was the cause of the disruptions, as part of an electronic war that Russia has been waging against Israel since the Israel Air Force's strike in northern Syria."

Yet their Hebrew edition quotes a Senior Military Source quite differently:

אני מעריך שהם שלחו לאזור אוניות המצוידות במערכות לוחמה אלקטרוניות למטרה כפולה. האחת, לנסות לבחון את יכולותיה של ישראל בלוחמה אלקטרונית וגם כדי לגרום קצת צרות למי שגרם להם צרות", אמרו אותם מקורות. "לרוסים יש צי שלם של אוניות לוחמה אלקטרוניות המוסוות כספינת סוחר". הגורם העריך כי לפחות ספינה רוסית אחת כזו משייטת בים התיכון, והוסיף כי "מדובר בלא פחות מאשר פיגוע אלקטרומגנטי

I assume that they [J@TM: the Russians] sent to the area ships with electronic warfare capabilities for a dual purpose. The first is the evaluate Israel's ability [J@TM: to combat] electronic warfare, and secondly, to create problems for those who caused them problems. [J@TM: The Russians were upset that Israel's jets managed to allegedly attack Syrian positions without any Russian anti-aircraft systems engaging Israel's jets.] "The Russians have a whole fleet of electronic warfare ships disguised as commercial boats", the source also mentioned that there is at least one boat like that currently in the Mediterranean Sea. He added, "This is nothing less than a Electromagnetic Terror Attack [against Israel]." (Jameel's translation from the above Hebrew)
Bottom Line: The disturbances in Israel's YES Satellite service appear to be Russian "influenced" -- in retaliation for Israel's alleged bombing of a Syrian military installation, and Israel's ability to successfully use electronic countermeasures against Russian anti-aircraft technology.

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tafka PP said...

Rubbish, it's HOT.

(Or some Land Of Israel activists enraged at Yes' frankly inferior to HOT Zionistic/Israel-themed programming schedule?)

mevaseretzion said...

So is Israel capable of defending against this?

Anonymous said...

Hot hired the Russians.

Time to send in Shayetet-13

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