Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No more Bittul Torah while we Blog

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OK, I checked this out, and I have to admit this is so cool.

Rabbi Brovender and the crew at Atid have set up a complete, live and real Yeshiva on the Internet.

I’m not talking about articles and posts.

I’m talking about interactive live video feeds of shiurim, along with online resources – all in realtime.

Meaning, you sit in Shiur at home along with the rest of the “class” and you can interact with each other and of course the Rabbi giving the Shiur (including Rabbi Brovender). And they have shiurim on different levels, for beginners and advanced learners.

You can apparently have a video Chavrusa, and they have Rabbis on-call 24/6 to answer questions on what you are learning.

I’m tempted…

Do they serve a hot lunch, or do you need to order in?

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Notsofrummie said...

Do they have interactive smoking breaks for 20 minutes every 20 minutes as well.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

notsofrummie: actually, that comment of yours borders on anti-semitism.

Baila said...

Can women participate? How would they know?

Safranit said...


I don't see it as anti-antisemitism...just the unfortunate reality of many yeshivot.

It might be offensive..but not anti-semitic.

Ben Bayit said...

i don't buy it. i see value in sitting in a classroom and interacting. that's part of the experience of learning torah. this might be good for some far flung college student returning to judaism or a doctor in Alaska, but for someone that lives with a 10-30 minute drive of the best shiurim in the world this doesn't make sense.

Rosalie and David said...

I think that's the point. This is a tremendous idea! What a transformation internet technology.

Notsofrummie said...

Thanks safranit... unfortunetely maybe Jameel is clueless of what goes on at many of these yashivas.. i am not making of the religion, it was a mock on a huge part of the 'yeshivish' crowd that spent much of their time outside the beis medrash rather than inside.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

notso: Clueless? Doubt it. There is smoking all over the place, but not neccessarily part of the "yeshiva world".

Plenty of places I know nary have a smoker at all.

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