Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Security Robots, Airports, Israeli Rifles and James Bond.

Nothing beats the world class security at Israel's Ben-Gurion airport. Like it or not, their non-politically-correct profiling works.

After building Ben-Gurion airport's modern and ultra chic Terminal-3 which will help absorb the masses when Mashiach arrives tomorrow, the airport is now looking towards technology to aid with security. Already today there are dozens of cameras which digitally scan and analyze the faces of everyone who enters the Arrival and Departure terminals and compares them to terrorists in the Police's wanted-terrorist database.

NRG (Ma'ariv Newspaper's website in Hebrew) reports that the airport is currently evaluating 6 wheeled robots -- perhaps even the model shown above, to conduct security patrols around the airport's perimeter. The robots indicate if something is amiss and alert central command to any suspicious activity.

Jut wait till RoboCop interviews you before check-in...you'll think twice before lying about the letters your cousin gave you to mail.

And on the topic of security, the Israeli Assault Rifle of the future, the Tavor, is going to be the rifle of choice in the upcoming James Bond movie. (This was front page news today in Maariv!)

Already in use by IDF Givati infantry units, the Tavor's showcasing by James Bond will definitly do wonders for the Tavor's image, and will probably put the Tavor in the same name-brand recognition category as the ubiquitous Uzi.

Tavor by Israel Military Industries

I can just picture James Bond being interviewed by Israeli security at the airport...and then racing away from the security robot.

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Mike Miller said...

Interesting that 007 would pick a weapon like that. I always thought that bullpup designs (and other weird futuristic looking ideas like the FN P90) wouldn't catch on in movies, since they don't "look" right.

Or maybe I'm just bitter since I've never actually gotten to try one...

Fern said...

Well, the American system of pretending to treat everyone equally sure doesn't work. I accidentally took my pepper spray on two airplanes last week. It was in my purse, which was sent through the x-ray machine and hand checked by a TSA person. TWICE.

mevaseretzion said...


elchonon said...

I absolutely HATE the new terminal!!! I understand Israel trying to be a 1st world country but its just so fake! I miss the old smoke filled terminal!

The tzanchanim tell me they dont want the tavor, they perfer m4.

sab said...

"when Mashiach arrives tomorrow"

when Mashiach arrives today.

Yehudi01 said...

The M4 is more ergonomic than the Tavor. I haven't used the Tavor, but I've used other weapons that are engineered similarly. The M4 is better balanced and better for a longer shot, (of course much of the IDF's combat is urban..)

Great post!

rebelwithacause said...

I love the Tavor but why does the new 007 uses that uzi? The new 007 guy sucks big time.

elchonon said...

What about jack baeur ? is he switching???

Anonymous said...

Yehudi01, you are wrong in your post. The Tavor is both better balanced as well as better for a longer shot. That is why they made it. Since you put the magazine in behind the trigger, as opposed to in front of it, the net length of the gun can be shorter, yet the barrel length is longer than that of a regular M4, hence more accurracy. There are also some other advances that I won't get into here that make for a better shot. I've shot many rifles, including several types of M16/M4 and the Tavor.

~Current IDF Soldier

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