Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bibi 2012

The Republicans just found the candidate that can easily beat Obama in 2012 hands down.

Amazing speech. Amazing response.

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jonathan becker said...

this is the most ridiculous "post" i've ever seen here. not even a link to give us a hint what/who is being referred to. hmmm, let's just guess. lady gaga? ted nugent? or do you mean bibi himself? knowing he's not eligible (born in the wrong country, not a republican, etc.) this would be a joke. so, what did he say that makes the joke funny? and from which speech? he's been making a lot of them lately. bring on the clever.

oh never mind. i'll check back later when you get over your bad selves.

jonathan becker said...

oh, i see now. the twitter thing. yawn. should i make you guys a list of things that cause congress to put their hands together, and how such applause actually relates to their voting patterns, and how such voting patterns actually (don't) affect u.s. policy, or who becomes president, or the price of ben and jerry's, etc. etc.?

twitter is dumb and misleading enough without middle aged people who should know better making mountains of it's molehills. wise up, fanboys, and get back to to the real stuff you used to do so well. i mean really, for shame. grow (back) up.

birthright said...

heh heh. No authentic birth certificate for Barry. Your Bibi won't need 1 either.

josh said...

Bibi did not have to say anything about giving away territory and that some settlements would not be in Israel. This ruined the whole speech. Ariel Sharon also started with idiotic statements like this.

If only the onus was put more heavily on the Arabs to come forth, but that will be ignored.

annie said...

Jonathan Becker, why are you in such a bad mood? Did you not like Bibi's speech? I thought it was excellent. What has twitter got to do with anything? Get over your own bad self.

Josh, I don't think you and I listened to the same speech. Go and watch and/or re-read it again.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Becker; I met a bunch of your neighbors and friends on our milluim handover :-)

jonathan becker said...

annie: bibi's speech was fine. my objection to this post was/is that non-twitterers would have no idea what it was about and furthermore that the vacuous "tweets" it is based upon led to a joke that just wasn't worth the trouble of checking out those vacuous tweets- a kind of hollow,temporary, meaningless "yay us!" that invites criticism from thinking people on the left (they do exist, you know) and groans from thinking people on the right (as i consider myself to be).

my "mood" is just fine, thanks for your professed concern- i'm sure it's at least as sincere as congress's reaction to bibi's speech.

and i see no reason to get over my bad self. if joesettler has any sechel, which i think he does, i hope he takes my advice and applies some regulation to his tendency to be distracted by shiny objects.

i never thought i'd see the day that the prime minister of israel behaved more wisely than than the bloggers who parse his every word, but hats off to bibi- i think he's doing ok. and what i think is just about as meaningful as what congress thought- or pretended to think- during that fabuloso speechification.

meaning: not very meaningful at all. unless you're a blogger who wants to be taken seriously. if you are (joe, ol buddy) i'd take the complete meaninglessness of my feelings, and the complete meaninglessness of congress's feelings VERY seriously, and get back on track with YOUR feelings and thoughts, and say something intelligent about what bibi actually said, instead of how the cretins in congress and the peanut gallery (me and others here) might have reacted to it. get back on the horse. admit this was a lame attempt at cheerleading and move on.

or: show me how i'm wrong.

just remember: this series of speeches might be just another ringside thrilla for clueless americans and europeans and drooling tinpot arab despots but we know better- don't we? this is where the "rubber meets the road", my friend, and it does not behoove you or any of us who live here to treat it like another media freak show like the media in chutz l'aretz wants to play it. choose carefully. sometimes, cute and popular does not equal smart and right.

JoeSettler said...

Twitter is an important element of a proper Muqata experience. I recommend everyone follow us on twitter.

There were a few components to Netanyahu's speech.

In my opinion, the most important was the incredibly warm response and reaction Bibi got from Congress both personally and for what he said.

That puts to bed any false statements (shut up Tzipi) that Bibi has placed Israel in a crisis with the US - rather than the more accurate, Obama doesn't like Israel and Bibi and Obama is trying to fabricate a crisis.

It sends a message to both Israeli and US citizens (and our enemies) that we are still close friends and allies (despite Obama), and that is one of the most important message that came out of this speech.

That Bibi was not afraid to openly take on Obama this week will hopefully embolden the Republicans to start speaking the same way ahead of elections about Obama's policies. There are certainly Democrats that are also fed up with Obama. Obama out is important for both the US and Israel.

Obama heard all that applause. You can bet it annoyed him, and you can bet he will now need to take it into account.

In terms of content, Jameel has an initial analysis here.

Certain things he said are extremely worrisome (regarding settlements and a Palestinian state in general). There's no way of knowing if he will follow through with some of the principles he mentioned (such as preconditions for a Palestinian state or even negotiating for one). While certain things he said were clearly a major Kiddush Hashem such as "in Judea and Samaria, the Jewish people are not foreign occupiers" and when he simply said the truth about the current situation.

I think he could have said more, and called out the PA for their participation in terrorism (even if just mentioning their paying salaries to terrorists in Israeli jails), but there is also no end to things he could have said.

Overall he got the message across.

NormanF said...

If Netanyahu, true to form, doesn't cave later and give away the rest of the store.

He seems desperate to do so. Only saving grace is the Arabs aren't buying.

Rabelad said...

Some called Bibi's speech "brilliant" or "kidush HaShem"

I woudln't call it either one.

My reaction was "What took you so long???"

IF he would have been forthright and said all that up front years ago we could have saved ourselves a lot of headaches, murders and terror and senseless diplomatic dances that can only end nowhere.

FINALLY! he said the needful.

BBJ said...

Well, I guess everyone has made the birth certificate jokes already.

Let's just say that while the GOP may cheer Bibi on as an Israeli leader, the gloves would come off when it actually came to a Jew running for POTUS.

Russ D / USA said...

Such ignorance these comments began with... OF COURSE I/we mean that NETANYAHU would be an awesome president. He speaks as a true leader, shows strength and EARNS respect. We say "Bibi 2012" because we WISH for such a man to lead us - we know of course the reality of his current work, birthplace, etc. Do not buy the "No Jew can do this or that" in the USA because of hatred. Yes, many people in the world are lost souls who hate HIS chosen people. There is a reason that the Jews and also those who follow Jesus Christ are uniquely hated. Rest assured that many, many more Americans love Israel. Our spineless president may bow to other leaders, but true Americans bow only to the true and living Creator. While we will not bow to Israel or any leader of it, we will stand with you always. Our media and our president do not speak for all of us. Our nation staggers with great sickness but we will go on. All people need to chose sides now. "An der Tur" (at the door) is the wolf.

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