Friday, May 06, 2011

My Reserve Duty

Hi People -

I'm sorry I havent been able to personally update the blog lately, but I've been extremely busy in my IDF reserves service the past week and a half (and another 2 weeks to go).

I will say that the experience has been exhasuting, exhilirating, and satisfying in being able to contribute to the safety and security of the people of Israel.

Tonight, our combat unit enjoyed 12 pizza pies and coke which was donated to us via Pizza IDF. While IDF food isn't awful, the pizza was a nice late-night meal.

The IDF batallion rabbi in our base gave me a special pen today -- its a "Shabbat Pen" for use on Shabbat only when I'm required to write for the sake of urgent combat related issue. The ink disappears after 72 hours, so when writing, one doesn't transgress the bibilical prohibition of permanent writing on Shabbat.

Granted, if I didn't have it, and I used a regular pen, it would be just as fine, since the writing I need to do in the IDF on Shabbat is for "pikuach nefesh" (saving lives = combat support and security of the area)...but its nice that the IDF gets these as well.

The other main item being supplied to us from the IDF military rabbinate is comabt green tzitzit. While the actual "tziztiyot" are white, the "beged" part of it, (the garment part) is combat green instead of white...which blends in with the rest of the IDF uniform.

Anyway - Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and a quiet weekend...


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Jenny said...

Pens?? Maybe it's about time the IDF got iphones for it's commanders. We'll see what Tzomet can do with them.

Jack said...

Good Shabbos Waffle Master. Be safe.

Mark said...

Wow. Can you post a picture of the tzitzit?

Shabbat Shalom to all.

Kovi said...

lol u washed some of those tzitzit for me the last time i came by, i didnt realize u wanted a pair or i'd have given u. if u know where to look u can pretty much pick em up for free on base, the mishak dat is supposed to distribute them.

so by "not considered a safe place to be doing milluim", i take it they were talking about where u live? cuz the rest of us would really like to know how we can do our milluim from home too ;)

Chanokh Tyler Berenson said...

Whenever I hear of your Milluim I am filled with an overflowing pride for Eretz Yisrael.

Quick Question:

The Minhag of white strings trumps the Halacha that the strings should be the same color as the beged? Am I missing something?

Lurker said...

Ben's BroBro: The Minhag of white strings trumps the Halacha that the strings should be the same color as the beged? Am I missing something?

Rambam holds that the strings should be be same color as the garment; Rama holds that the strings should be white.

Orange and Black said...

G-d bless you Jameel.

Chanokh Tyler Berenson said...

Lurkier, thank you. I had thought that was simply because the Rama's garments were always white with perhaps a blue or black stripe...

Thank you.

Most of the Torah only comes alive in Eretz Yisrael...

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