Thursday, May 12, 2011

How will the Leftists participate in Naqba Day?

Im Tirtzu is running a campaign that basically exposes why the "Naqba" is a lie - by placing it within the context of events of that time. Here's the link to the Im Tirtzu Naqba page in Hebrew. I hope they translate it into English.

I'm writing this because right now the army is going into a higher state of alert because of the upcoming Naqba Day.

Fatah has called upon the Arabs to escalate the violence
in their traditional hot spots such as Shimon Hatzaddik (Sheik Jarach), Ir David (Silwan), the Old City and so on - places they usually riot and protest alongside their Leftist counterparts.

But the question needs to be asked.

Until now, the Leftists were leading the brigade in many of these violent protests against Israel. What happens Sunday when it reaches a new level? Will we see Rabbis for Human Right Arik Ascherman throwing Molotov cocktails at pillboxes? Will we see Machsom Watch women trying to drive bulldozers over Jews?

I'm really curious to know how these Leftists will act when their Arab partners start attacking Israeli soldiers with intent to kill.

I'm also wondering if Nakba Day won't start early - from Friday's violence.

(Alternatively, I wonder if after all this talk maybe very little will happen at all).

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