Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Omri Sharon is off to jail, and other news items

Convicted Criminal, MK Omri Sharon was sentenced today to 9 months in prison for the crimes of fictitious registration of corporate documents (used to boost the total of contributions past legal limits), lying under oath and violations of the election code.

Punishing the children for the sins of their parents?

Next on Qadima's list is Ehud Olmert. Everything the media didn't want you to know about him, is here.

And talking about what the media doesn't want you to know, the rocket attacks keep on coming. This rocket attack narrowly missed the fuel tanks for the Ashkelon power plant. Could it possibly be the disengagement was a mistake, and the media would rather you didn't know too much?

Coming on the heels of the above rocket attack, Qadima wants more and more disengagements. The Palestinian terror organizations have their own plans as they announce that a 'massive new war' against Israel is in the planning, consisting of more suicide bombings and rocket attacks against Jewish communities. They are calling it the third intifada...less sleep for me on Friday nights?

In the last 10 days Israeli forces intercepted 12 potential suicide bombers and have stopped several dozen bombings the past few months, prompting fears of "a new and worrisome wave of terror," said Yuval Diskin, head of Israel's Shin Bet security services.

Not only doesn't the media want you to know everything, but the polling companies are misreporting the facts as well. (Thanks Chardal, I didn't have time to translate what you did)

Everything is one huge misrepresentation?

Where do we go from here?

Omri's off to jail, Qadima wants more disengagements, the Palestinians weren't quite happy with the first one, so they keep aiming at Israel's power plant (and keep getting closer)...and to top it off, the terror groups announce a third intifada is being prepared.

Maybe we should take a good look at where we are now, and re-evaluate our strategy?

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Joe Settler said...

Maybe we should take a good look at where we are now, and re-evaluate our strategy?


And take out collective heads out of the sand.

Tehilimzugger said...

Omri isn't going to jail for six months, on account of dad's coma. And in six months a lot can happen.

Little Wolf said...


I have to say I was thinking much the same thing. Only with a body part instead of the sand.


Why do you want to re-evaluate the situation? Things seem to be going swimmingly. At least Israel's borders are getting smaller and less defensible in the long run. The Palestinians won't be happen no matter what, Hamas is the dominate party in the PA controlled territories, are you saying these things aren't good for Israel?

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Well, why fix the problem, when you can just kick some more people out of their homes..?

Hopefully the investigation will make Olmert look real bad and he won't get elected next month (but I won't hold my breath expecting that to happen).

Elchonon said...

so i do a blog post on the poll frauds but does jameel quote me??
NO! http://www.stateofjudea.com/?p=82

I'm not talking to you!


ifyouwillit said...

The goverment is too worried about pandering to America's whims to do what is good for us. Olmert is a danger to the state, yet he seems to have a majority. It's going to take longer than we have to dig up dirt on Olmert, by then he'll be in office. Didn't imagine there would be a leader worse than Sharon's final term in office, but maybe I was wrong.

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-y- said...

i feel like strategy is a strong word - strategy has connotations of forethought and goals that i missed somewhere. maybe i'm being too harsh... or not.

The back of the hill said...

Jameel, I still think that the disengagement is a good idea - wait wait, don't throw that brick ;-D

Withdraw to a defendable border, fortify, and bombard the crap out of them whenever they pull something.

The alternative is persuading them to leave, including them as citizens, or ruling them as a conquered class (or, chasvesholom, ethnic cleansing).

Emotionally I would like to hold on to all of the land. Rationally, not so.

But emotionally I can also get behind bombarding the crap out of them till they make nice.

And rationally, that I can justify.

You will probably be able to out-argue me on this - I suspect that you've already done so a few times (given the themes running through your blog).

Milhouse said...

That Olmert web site is a bit below the belt. So his children are nothing to write home about - Moshe Arens doesn't exactly have nachas from his son either, to say the least.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Back Of The Hill: Withdraw to a defendable border, fortify, and bombard the crap out of them whenever they pull something.

Bombard the crap out of them?

How many Qassam missiles have to fall for us to realize they have been "pulling something" since the day we left? Every Qassam missile is a bullet being shot at your head. How many times does it have to miss before you would say, "hey, maybe we should do something about that?"

Israel's not able to respond anymore due to world pressure. Gazan Palestinians fire at us at will, with zero fear of serious retaliation. Israel can not afford collateral damage...so even if you think you can "emotionally" get behind the idea, our security has been severly damaged with a Hamastan state 3 kilometers from 25% of Israel's electrical generation grid...and Ashkelon.

There were serious alternatives to the Disengagement which would have been good building blocks for the future. Unfortuantely, Sharon wanted to bulldoze ahead, even though there existed decent alternatives. One of them can be found here. I suggest you read it to see what an opportunity we blew.

Millhouse: I didn't write the site...and if it's below the belt...big deal. Olmert didn't seem to care that much about the Gush Katif refugees this summer either. (or now for that matter)

Truth said...

Back to the subject(Omri the piglet gets nine months to be served starting in six months after he's done with his appeals, maybe):

Didn't A. Dery get 3 years for similar charges (and he supposedly got some money which he used to buy himself some stuff, not buy his father the Likud and PMship)...

Something else: read the charge sheet, guess why the ShaKrons paid a big pile of cash to some investigation firm - because they were concerned that OL'MERDE was using bugs/eavesdropping on their phones and office... Finally, 'temporarily incapacitated [now] useless vegetable exDiKtator' signed off on all the paperwork...


Joe Settler said...

Truth is back!

tafka PP said...

Jameel- re your answer to Back of the Hill:


I'm surprised its only Qassams.

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