Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The JIBs...or else!

I've been threatened with severe bodily harm by Ezzie if I don't post about..."The JIBs". I assume you've all heard about them already, but since nominations are only open till Thursday (tomorrow! The 19th of April), it's time to remind you all.

Nominations are for the following categories:
  • Best All-Around (includes Best Mega Blog, Large Blog, Small Blog, New Blog, Group Blog, Overall)
  • Best Posts (includes Best Overall, Best Humor, Best News, Best Series, Best Podcast, etc.)
  • Best in Class (includes Best Torah, Slice of Life in Israel, Left-Wing, Photoblog, Student Life, etc.)
  • Best Specialty (includes Best Design, Best of the Rest, Best Podcasting/Audio/Videoblog, Best Contribution/Blog that made a Difference)
Last year, I made it to the second round for "Best Israel Advocate" and lost to Little Green Footballs...which is like comparing apples to cellphones since they have tens of thousands of daily readers....versus my 20.

Also, last year I ignored them and didn't ask to be nominated...this year, in the JIB wannabe awards, Joe Settler trounced me as well. Not that Joe doesn't need some moral support from time to time, and I have had many long conversations with him about why he should not stop blogging...but this time, I am putting down my foot and intend to win. DovBear and Hirhurim shouldn't be the only bloggers with 15 JIB awards in their sidebar -- though Hirhurim does have a great site...and DovBear is...provocative.

I am requesting your help in nominating the Muqata blog to achieve greatness through the JIB awards. And not only my blog...but go out an nominate all the great blogs and blog posts out there. Bloggers put hours of time into these posts...and the silly graphic and awards mean the world to them!

Of course, I know this help comes at a price. I'll have to discuss this with Jack the WaffleKing, and get clearance from the Mrs. @ The Muqata, but perhaps a victory waffle-breakfast could be arranged to celebrate winning a JIB or two. The possibilities are endless!

So...get out and nominate! (or just click here) Be creative...with all the groups out there, the Muqata blog should be eligible for something...

Ezzie: Are you happy now? I'd rather be blogging now about a million other things...and posting pictures and stories from my current trip here in Budapest...but Ive devoted this posting to the JIBs.

And I'll post my nominations list tonight as well...all sorts of blogs deserve awards (and bloggers) the Holy Hyrax...and Chana The Curious Jew...and Ask Shifra...and Orthomom deserves one for fighting the forces of evil and ugly...and Kasamba should get one for funniest blog...and the Maggid of Bergenfield is a great new blogger...and we can even cheer up the GodolHador with an award. I could go on and on...which is what I'll do tonight when I blog some more.

As they say here in Budapest..."bye"

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


holy hyrax said...

Havent you already been nominated under best israel advocate blog?

JoeSettler said...

Forget about not knowing I won the previous contest. I didn't even know I was in the running.

This time I nominated myself in a category (I forgot which one already) - just to make sure.

Jack's Shack said...

Who needs an award when you already have been crowned the Waffle King.

Jack's Shack said...

P.S. Pass the syrup.

the sabra said...

k im too lazy to do this-sign me up to vote for u for best blog.

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